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In their annual report on internet usage, Utah's Domo compiled data that reflects the enormous volume of information generated, on average, in every minute of internet usage each day. Americans are spending almost 11 hours a day on connected devices.

SALT LAKE CITY — Not surprisingly, Americans are spending an ever-increasing amount of time staring at and interacting with connected devices.

A Nielsen ratings report found that the typical American spent a daily average of 10 hours and 39 minutes on devices such as smartphones, tablets, TV, computers and video games in the first quarter of 2016. And, that count beat the 2015 numbers by a full hour.

Utah business analytics company Domo released its annual Data Never Sleeps report this week, detailing what the global population of internet users is doing, and the amount of data they're generating while doing it, every minute of the day.

And it's a lot of information.

How much data is generated every minute?

Statistics compiled recently by IBM reflect that the global data generation volume is currently around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day and growing. And, 90 percent of the current total volume of data on the internet was generated in the last two years.

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So, what are the estimated 3.7 billion internet users doing every minute of everyday?

Sending 15.2 million texts (and almost 700,000 GIFs), sharing 528,000 pics on Snapchat, sending 456,000 tweets and streaming 69,000 hours of Netflix programming. In that same minute we're also spending $259,000 on Amazon products, publishing 74,000 Tumblr posts and watching over 4 million Youtube videos.

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reflect that reading is, and has been, on the decline for years and Americans are currently reading less than 20 minutes a day, on average.