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Stuart Johnson, Deseret News
Day 2 of the floodiing in and around the Nevada town of Montello.. The flooding happened as a result of Twentyone Mile Dam breaking. The flooding has caused damage to Montello, Highway 233 leading to Montello and the Union Pacific Railroad line near in the area. Some parts of Hwy 233 are washed away and trapped a semi-truck.

LUCIN, Box Elder County — State Route 30 on the Utah-Nevada border has reopened after the road was washed away in February.

The roadway was closed at the state line approximately 80 miles southwest of Snowville on Feb. 7 when the Twentyone Mile Dam broke and flooded the roadway and the Union Pacific rail line near Lucin, Nevada.

The Utah Department of Transportation reported that while the railroad was restored in about three weeks, the Nevada Department of Transportation has been working to restore Nevada 233 between Montello and the Utah border.