A 31-year-old mentally retarded man hospitalized after police found him strapped to a urine-soaked bed is back home.

A doctor who examined the man at Pioneer Valley Hospital could not determine whether a number of lesions on the man's back, arms and chest were caused by an electric cattle prod found near the man's bed, and he was released by the hospital and is back with his family.Social workers from the Division of Family Services will evaluate the man's family situation, said spokeswoman Terry Twitchell. "There's more to the case than it appears," she said. "His situation is very complex."

Police intervened Tuesday when they responded to an anonymous 911 call and broke into the man's house after seeing him through a window. The handicapped man was home alone and the officers believed he was having a seizure.

The man's 61-year-old mother and his older brother returned home 15 to 20 minutes later. They said they strapped the man to the bed while running errands to keep the man from injuring himself and used the cattle prod to keep the man under control.

The man apparently is very self-destructive, Twitchell said. "It's a real problem when people who have children like this have to leave the house."