A man convicted of two out-of-state murders was ordered to stand trial Thursday in the bludgeoning death of a 27-year-old woman whose nude body was found in a bedroom of her Salt Lake County home Aug. 19, 1987.

David Franklin Young, 28, Bridgeport, Ill. was bound over for a July 11 arraignment on a first-degree murder charge, a capital offense, in 3rd District Court following a preliminary hearing before 3rd Circuit Court Judge Shiela K. McCleve.

Young, in a two-hour confession, said he stabbed Ember Kimberly Mars 14 times, beat her with a clothes iron, and repeatedly forced her to have sex with him.Salt Lake County Sheriff's Homicide Detective Richard Judd testified.

Young was arrested in Illinois after a high-speed chase in Mars' stolen truck Aug. 27. At the time of the arrest, he was on parole after his conviction in the 1982 murder of his girlfriend.

He later pleaded guilty to the murder of his estranged wife, and although serving a life sentence for that murder in Indiana, authorities extradited him to Utah to face charges in the Mars slaying.

Mars, with two acquaintances, befriended Young while having breakfast at Salt Lake truck stop early in the morning of Aug. 19, a friend of Mars told the court.

Young was at the truck stop posing as a truck driver and was waiting for an opportunity to rob someone with a .38 caliber gun he had purchased there so he could return to Indiana, witnesses testified.

Young, Mars' girlfriend and another man left the truck stop early in the morning to play "spoons," a card game, at the man's apartment, Judd testified, quoting from Young's confession.

When Mar's friend and the man went to sleep early in the morning, Mars produced the gun and forced Mars to drive to her home at 6262 S. DewDrops Drive.

"The police want me bad and I'm on the run," Judd said Young told Mars.

Young held Mars inside the home for six hours, threatening her with a gun and a 14-inch knife, Judd said. Young was waiting for a bank to open so he could force Mars to withdraw money, he said Young told him during a confession May 20.

But Mars became nervous and tried to get up at one point; Young forced her to the floor and raped her. When she yelled "help, rape," he bludgeoned her whith a clothes iron and stabbed her in the chest, Judd testified.

"I knew I stabbed her in the heart because I heard her heart breathing," Judd said, again quoting for the confession, young showered to remove Mars's blood and then left in her truck, Judd testified.

McCleve denied a motion to reduce the charges to second-degree murder by defense attorneys, who argued aggravation circunstances were not sufficient to merit first degree charges.