The Draper Historical Society has scheduled its seventh annual home tour for Wednesday, June 29. Seven homes will be spotlighted this year, according to President Marjorie Clements. The tour starts at 6 p.m. and continues until dark. Those interested in taking this free tour should drive to the Rawlins home, 234 E. 12300 South, where tour maps and booklets will be available.

Two of the homes being featured this year have colorful histories. Porter Rockwell stopped frequently at one. And, during the polygamy period, another was used for a hideout. For more information about the tour, call M. Clements at 571-8602 or B. Hoffman at 571-8956.* MARILYN KING, home economist with USU Extension Services in Salt Lake County, is offering a hands-on workshop on wood refinishing. More specifically, it will deal with preparing furniture, removing old finishes, repairing, sanding, sealing, staining and finishing the furniture. The workshop will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. from July 11-14 at the Salt Lake County Fairgrounds 4-H Bldg., 5200 S. 175 East, Murray.

Registration cost is only $5, plus the student's individual supplies. Pre-register by July 6 by calling the S.L. extension office (468-3170) or mail money to USU Extension Services, 2001 S. State Street, #S1200, SLC, Utah 84190-3350.

* TWO BOOKS ABOUT HOUSES have recently been published. One is titled "Utah Historic Architecture, 1847-1940: A Guide." Written by Utahns Thomas Carter and Peter Goss, it outlines methods for identifying the major building styles and types found in Utah during those years.

The authors have carefully documented the full range of building activity in the entire state. The 300 photographs and 200 drawings in the book are fully described and annotated.

In the first part of the book, Carter and Goss focus on house types, beginning with the single-cell homes from 1847-1910 to period cottages of 1910-35. Then, after devoting a section to commercial, public and apartment buildings, they take the next six chapters to discuss such styles as Classical, Picturesque, Victorian, Early Twentieth Century, Period Revival, and Modern Styles.

The photographs and drawings as well as an illustrated glossary assist the reader in understanding the complex richness of the state's architectural heritage.

The buildings photographed and included in the book are excellent examples of the accompanying styles. However, addresses of these homes have not been included. Anyone who wants to find these buildings will have to do some sleuthing on their own - especially for the buildings located in Salt Lake City and Ogden.

Thomas Carter is an architectural historian with the Utah Division of State History. Peter Goss is an associate professor of architectural history at the U.

"Utah's Historic Architecture" sells for $36. It may be ordered from the U. Press, Salt Lake City, 84112. Call 662-0062, ext. 6771.

The second book is also of significance to Utahns, not only because it discloses remodeling secrets, but it is filled with illustrations by Utahn Jim Schnirel.

"Discover Your Dream House . . . It Could Be the House You're Living in Now!" was written by Arizona architect John S. M. Hamilton. His prem-ise is: Although it's fun to dream and plan, most Americans can't afford having their "dream house" designed and built; however, many can afford turning their existing home into that dream house.

This invaluable handbook includes more than 150 plans and sketches, eight pages of color photographs, and numerous project checklists.

Chapters are broken down into living areas. They deal with kitchen and dining, bedroom and bath, hobby and recreation, storage, and the family room. Other significant subject addressed include lighting, furnishings, landscaping - to name a few.

Helpful are the "before" and "after" floor plans that pinpoint exactly what changes and additions have been made. And in the middle of the book, color photographs allow the reader to view the exterior and interior of homes that have undergone considerable remodeling.

"Discover Your Dream House . . . It Could Be the House You're Living in Now!" contains 280 pages. Cover price for this 81/2 x 11 paperback book is $18.95. It is available at bookstores or can be ordered from Betterway Publications Inc., P.O. Box 219, Crozet, VA 22932.