Advertising should be eliminated from the inside of Utah Transit Authority buses because it creates "visual noise" and doesn't make much money, a UTA official says.

Operations Manager John Inglish said that instead of giving most of the narrow space set aside for advertising inside buses to non-profit groups, it should be carpeted to make the buses seem quieter."It clutters up the bus and creates visual noise. It detracts from the comfortable travel atmosphere we're trying to create," he said of the interior advertising.

While advertisers pay about $200,000 annually for spots on the outside of UTA buses, they spend only a few hundred dollars annually to buy space on the inside of buses.

Inglish said bus companies that make money off interior advertising accept advertising for cigarettes, beer and liquor. The advertising agency that sells space for UTA doesn't accept those types of ads, he said.

Board members agreed Wednesday to consider the proposal at their next meeting.