Denise Parker, Utah's already-qualified Olympian for the Summer Olympic Games, says that even if archery doesn't have bubble-gum cards, it still has its heroes.

Denise's personal idol is Luann Ryon, an Olympic gold medalist in 1976."She's just the greatest," says Denise of Luann, after meeting her at various competitions. "She's a great competitor and she never loses her composure.

"You can learn a lot about this sport in a hurry," she says of archery. "It's a great sport, with a lot of great athletes."

--- ADD DENISE: Luann Ryon, the idol herself, on the 14-year-old phenom: "She's a good kid who's shooting incredibly well," says Ryon in the June issue of The Olympian. "It's what we need (n archery) - new blood. She's been a real pleasure to shoot with. She's got a good head, she's taking everything in stride and she's not afraid."

--- MATHEMATICAL PROBLEM: Toughest job of the summer goes to Mike Moran, public relations and press director for the United States Olympic Committee.

It has been Moran's job to allocate the press credentials for Korea to America's media. The International Olympic Committee gave him a grand total of 215 writer's credentials and 42 photographer's credentials for the entire country.

Consider that a typical Super Bowl accredidates over 2,000 media, and the World Series and Final Four close to 1,000 each - and you get an idea of Moran's dilemma.

"And then," he says, "I'm also supposed to practice good P.R."

--- LOCAL FAVORITES: The first preseason football magazine - published by The Sporting News - is off the presses. BYU is favored to win the WAC and Utah State, surprise, is favored to win the PCAA. The magazine says the Aggies, who won five or their last six last year, are easily the most feared team in their conference by the head coaches surveyed.

No area teams are Top 20 ranked, although Texas, which visits Provo to play BYU in September, is ranked among The Sporting News' Top 20.

--- PAHRUMP ODDS: Early pre-tournament odds, courtesy of the Pahrump (ev.) Sportsbook, on the Showdown Classic golf tournament, scheduled for next week at Jeremy Ranch: Bruce Crampton, 2-1; Miller Barber, 3-1; Charles Coody and Orville Moody, 5-1; Dale Douglass, 10-1; Bobby Nichols, 25-1; Harold Henning, 30-1; the Field 50-1; Arnie If He Shows Up, 75-1.

--- ADD SHOWDOWN: Crampton is playing so well he must be the natural favorite. But past history suggests that betting against Miller Barber in the Shootout/Showdown is like betting against Old Faithful in Yellowstone.

Of the six previous Jeremy tournaments, Barber has finished second twice (n 1982 and 1984) and first twice (n 1985 and 1987).

Last year, after outlasting Crampton by a stroke to win his first Senior Tour tournament in over a year - and his 20th overall - the 55-year-old Barber said, "The victories are all the more sweeter now, because you never know which one might be your last. There are too many young guys (0-year-olds) that are too darn good."

Thus inspired, Barber went to the next week's tournament, the Newport Cup, and won again.

--- THANKS, GUYS: Word from the Utah Jazz is that coach Frank Layden didn't ever really want to leave the franchise for the coaching job at Miami - he just wanted to feel wanted.

When Miami asked for permission to talk to Layden, Layden reportedly said, "If the Jazz will show they support me and ask me not to talk to Miami, that would be fine."

So Jazz owner Larry H. Miller held a press conference, announcing that the Jazz were denying permission to Miami. And all is well again. For the time being.

--- QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Bob Hope, 85, after playing golf recently at Jeremy Ranch in the Great American Indian Shootout: "I came here hoping to shoot my age. I ended up shooting my license plate number."

He had another one.

"I try to keep fit. I swim a lot . . . it's either that or lose another golf ball."