Mike Tyson has had enough.

Tyson, who turned 22 Thursday, apparently has turned his back on boxing. After his 91-second knockout of Michael Spinks in their heavyweight championship bout Monday night, Tyson warned that it might be his last fight. He complained about the treatment he and his family received from the media before the fight.On Wednesday, saying he is "burned out," told the New York Post, "You can't never say never. But as of today, I am retired."

Considering his youth and the riches boxing has brought him - including more than $20 million for his quick knockout of Spinks - it's difficult to believe Tyson won't be back in the ring.

"I'm willing to sacrifice, to give up boxing to save my family . . ." he said. "I just feel it's the best thing to do."

During a news conference after the Spinks fight, Tyson, who married actress Robin Givens on Feb. 7, blasted reporters for their treatment of himself and his wife. He cursed out many members of the media, saying they tried to "disgrace my family."

"The difference in my personal and professional lives is so vastly different," Tyson said at his home in Bernardsville, N.J. "I'm depressed. I'm unhappy. Losing a baby like that (Givens recently suffered a miscarriage), when you're trying to fight, is very sad.

"I'm inexperienced in handling things like that. I've put my wife through a lot of stress."

To avoid future troubles, Tyson insists his boxing career is over.

"I had fun," he said. "Boxing was good to me, but nothing lasts forever. After this fight I thought it over. I decided it's time to move on. It's time to call it a day."

One opponent he has found outside the ring is manager Bill Cayton. Tyson has filed suit against Cayton, contending he was duped into signing a new four-year contract with Cayton and the late Jimmy Jacobs shortly before Jacobs died in March. Tyson maintains that Cayton is not entitled to share in the money the champion will receive from the Spinks fight.

Not many other boxing people are convinced.

"They don't have to buy it," Tyson said. "They're not getting in the ring and doing the fighting. I am."

Tyson's next fight is scheduled for Sept. 3 against Frank Bruno in London.

Former world light heavyweight champion Jose Torres, who recently resigned as New York's boxing commissioner to write Tyson's biography, said he was confident the Bruno fight would be held.

"He's going to fight September third," Torres said. "I'm positive."

Kevin Rooney, Tyson's trainer, was surprised at the retirement story.

"I have no idea," he said in a telephone interview. "I don't know what to think. I don't know what to make of his decision.

"If he wants to retire, fine. If he wants to fight and he wants me as his trainer, that's also fine. But I think Bill Cayton should be his manager. He is an honest man. He gives you his word. I don't care if you don't like somebody or whatever. This is a business."

Rooney said Tyson never talked about retiring before the Spinks fight.

"I'm for Mike," Rooney said. "I'm for anything in Mike's best interests. If he was going to retire, I think he would have told me. So if I read it in the New York Post, it means nothing to me."