A former escapee from a local corrections center won't fight his extradition to Utah, where he is wanted on first-degree murder and aggravated sexual-assault charges.

Ben Fidel Salazar, 49, is wanted in connection with the March 28 rape and slaying of Charlotte Montoya.

Earlier, Salazar had said he wanted to contest extradition, but Wednesday he said he had changed his mind.

Salazar is accused of escaping from Hilltop House Community Corrections Center March 7, three weeks before the slaying occurred in Utah.

He was arrested March 31 in New Mexico and has been held in La Plata County Jail in Durango since April 1.

Salazar had been sent to Hilltop after pleading guilty to second-degree assault against a woman. At the time of his alleged escape, Salazar had six months remaining of a four-year sentence.