Detroit Lions quarterback Eric Hipple gave a hitchhiker a ride and then she apparently took him for a ride - tricking him out of his wallet.

Hipple, 30, of Rochester Hills, was robbed of $79, police said.

The football star told police he picked up the woman at 3:45 a.m. Wednesday and as they spoke in the car, she said she wanted to prove to her children that she had met him. When he stopped at the home she asked to be driven to, he gave her his wallet, which held his identification, police said. The woman never returned with his belongings.

Hipple left his car to look for her. He said he met a man who offered to help find the woman, but said he did not have a phone.

Hipple told police he gave the man his car phone, but the man then disappeared with it. A neighbor called police for Hipple.