Bill Cayton, who helped Mike Tyson get to the top of the boxing world, said he was appalled at a lawsuit filed against him by the unbeaten world heavyweight champion.

"I am disappointed and outraged," Cayton said during a news conference Tuesday. "I never thought Mike would file a lawsuit against me."The suit was filed in New York State Supreme Court on Monday, a few hours before Tyson knocked out Michael Spinks in the first round of a scheduled 12-round title defense at Atlantic City, N.J.

In the suit, Tyson said he never would have signed a contract allowing Cayton to take over his affairs had he known his late manager, Jimmy Jacobs, was dying.

Cayton, who now manages Tyson, said that he was served with the lawsuit just minutes before the champion's bout against Spinks.

The suit seeks to dissolve Tyson's contract with Cayton, who currently gets one-third of all of Tyson's boxing earnings.

In the suit, Tyson contends that Cayton knew Jacobs was dying before the contracts were signed on Feb. 12.

Tyson said he was never told of Jacobs' illness or that Cayton would take over in the event of Jacobs' death.

Tyson contends that if he had known all this, he "would not have signed the document. . . ."

"Mike Tyson knew all along that Jim Jacobs and I were his co-managers," Cayton said.

The suit says that Tyson and Jacobs entered into a personal services contract, but the contract didn't cover a specific term. It did provide that Tyson would receive two-thirds and Jacobs one-third of all money earned by Tyson "in direct relation to boxing." On the same date, the suit said, Tyson signed another document, with no term provided, binding the champion and Cayton from the date Jacobs died to the expiration of the contract between Tyson and Jacobs.