Water restrictions are being enforced by Park City police for the second consecutive summer because of unusually dry conditions and inadequate water supplies.

Officers have issued 20 to 30 warnings to individuals who have violated the city's odd-even watering schedule and ban on outside watering between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. that was imposed June 1.Water pressure was dangerously low during the past week, so police stepped up enforcement and began issuing citations with $50 fines Monday, said Police Chief Frank Bell.

The fine for second offenders is $100, and the city could actually shut someone's water off if they refused to cooperate with the mandatory restriction. "It would have to go a long ways before we would consider that. It didn't go that far last year," Bell said.

Citing homeowners for violating the restriction has become a "pretty personal issue," he said. "But I would hate to have to tell someone while their house was burning why the water was dribbling out of the end of the hose."

The department issued between 25 and 30 citations during the summer of 1987. Many properties in Park City are cared for by property management companies in behalf of absentee owners, he said, which makes it difficult sometimes to track down a responsible party. Landscapes are often watered by automatic sprinkling systems that have to be reset to water according to the odd-even restrictions, Bell said.

While the individuals who have been cited in the past have taken the citation more personally than a motorist who runs a stop sign, Bell said, homeowners who abide by the restrictions are also upset when their lawn goes dry while the sprinklers sputter away on violators' lawns. Most of the complaints about non-compliance come from residents, Bell said.