Wicat Systems Inc. of Orem, a provider of computer-based training and education, has been selected by Norfolk Southern Corp. to supply a system training employees to use its electrical control signaling system.

According to Wicat President Robert W. Mendenhall, the contract is valued at $165,000.As part of the total contract, Norfolk Southern will acquire high quality computer-based training systems including a host computer and seven interactive video training stations. The training program will include interactive videodisc, digitized audio, scanner and Wicat's advanced student management system.

"Our current training program uses unique signal system simulators creating a bottleneck for trainees waiting to be trained on specific models," said Gordon Woods, manager of technical training.

"Wicat computer-based training will allow us to train a steady stream of personnel eliminating the simulator bottlenecks," he said. "Once fully implemented, we expect to reduce the time required to train our employees from 14 weeks to nine weeks with the Wicat system."

Woods said Wicat was selected because of its high quality graphics capabilities and its powerful authoring system. He said the company reviewed CBT vendors for more than four years prior to selecting Wicat.

Initial implementation of the new CBT training program is scheduled to begin in September and will include signal maintenance, control relays and electronic systems.