A Kearns man serving four consecutive 5-year-to-life sentences for sex crimes was told Wednesday he will not be considered for parole until February 2007, despite guidelines recommending he serve only 121/2 years.

"These crimes are of such a totally serious nature. It looks very difficult at this point to say you are a reduced risk," Utah Board of Pardons member Paul Boyden told the inmate. "You should not be released."Frank Medel Jr., 25, is serving sentences for convictions of forcible sodomy (two counts), aggravated sexual assault and adult object rape for 1986-87 crimes involving three different women.

The board made its decision after questioning Medel and hearing testimony from the mother of one of the victims. The mother said Medel's actions have had a devastating effect on her family.

"Since the violent rape of my daughter I have seen a great personality swing," she said, adding her daughter had become "a fearful, distrusting, negative young woman.

"To let the criminal back into society would only lead to further victimization of unsuspecting girls," the mother said. "Our only comfort is the assurance that Frank Medel serves his sentence to the fullest."

Medel's victims include a 16-year-old girl who was waiting for a bus near 31st South and 84th West. Medel apparently drove up to the girl and forced her into his car at knifepoint. The criminal complaint indicates he drove her to Kearns and sexually assaulted her.

Another victim, a 23-year-old woman, was reportedly walking along State Street near Seventh South late one evening when Medel drove up and forced her at gunpoint into his car. He took her to Parleys Canyon, sodomized her, stole her money and told her he had done this to many women and that he usually kills his victims.

Another of Medel's victims, a 17-year-old girl, was walking near 46th West and 35th South late one evening when Medel allegedly forced her into his car and took her to West Jordan where he forced an object rape and sodomized the victim. All of the victims later positively identified Medel as their attacker.

Medel told the board he did not intend to hurt any of his victims and said he had no weapons during the crimes.

"I have a hard enough time shooting a deer at deer hunting time," he told the board.

Boyden balked at Medel's claim and said it was impossible for him to believe he did not use weapons. Boyden also pointed out two disciplinary reports filed against Medel while in prison - one for resisting a move and one for planning an escape.