Tried and true names including those of Biblical origin - were Utahns' favorites for boys again last year, while girls' names tended to be more trendy.

The most popular male name in 1987, for the tenth consecutive year, was Michael - given to 472 babies. Last year 485 girls were named Jessica, for the second year in a row the most popular female name.In registering birth certificates, the Bureau of Vital Records of the Utah Department of Health records the names of all children born in the state. Last year 3,558 different names were used to name the 17,593 females born in the state. Of those, 2,345 names (66 percent) were used once, while 29 girls' names were used 100 or more times.

A total 2,043 names were used for the 18,504 males born in Utah in 1987. Of the boys' names, 1,226 (60 percent) were used once. There were 47 boys' names that were used 100 times or more.

These were the most popular names:

Top girls' names: Top boys' names

1.Jessica 485 Michael 472

2.Ashley 415 Matthew 379

3.Amanda 324 Joshua 351

4.Sarah 277 Christopher 347

5.Heather 239 Andrew 327

6.Whitney 212 Tyler 310

7.Jennifer 207 Daniel 289

8.Megan 206 Ryan 286

9.Stephanie 204 David 276

10.Brittany 189 Justin 268

Some parents who wanted their children to have a "unique" name simply misspelled a common name such as "Casey," a name given to both boys and girls. Last year 70 parents of baby girls found 18 ways to spell it, including Kacee, Kacey, Kaci, Kacie, Kacy, Kaesie, Kai Sie, Kascee, and Kasy. And 126 parents of baby boys discovered 10 ways to spell Casey, including K C, Kacey, Kacy, Kaesey, Kasey, and Kaycee.

A few Utah parents did give their children unique names last year. Among the more unusual for girls were Avery, Briar, Cigi, Eryn, Ewa, Krickett, Liberty, Longolongo, Lourdes, Love and Maddie. Other baby girls were tagged with Mica, Raven, Rossi, Ryverlee, Sophisty, Teate, Verity and Wynnstyn.

Among the more unusual boys' names were Arik, Cash, Czyz, Erek, Godo, L., Mic, Rabbit, Racey, Stuwert, Sundone, Tejay and Wyayy.