Police have recovered a gun believed used by a bank robber who was shot to death by an officer.

The gun was not at the scene of the shooting.Meanwhile, an autopsy completed Tuesday showed that Russell Ray Daines was hit by only two of three bullets fired at him Monday by a Salt Lake police officer. It was originally thought that he was hit with all three rounds.

Daines, 21, was shot shortly before noon Monday when he apparently raised his arm and made a threatening gesture toward Officer J.R. Nelson. Nelson fired three times with his .38-caliber revolver.

The young man was being sought in connection with the armed robbery of Key Bank, 290 S. 13th East, in which $1,200 was taken.

The state medical examiner's office revealed one bullet pierced Daines' upper left arm and struck his chest, said homicide squad Sgt. Don Bell. "The angle of the wound indicates that his arm was extended," Bell said.

A second shot also hit Daines in the chest. Police were unable Tuesday to find the third slug.

But after searching the scene in vain again Tuesday afternoon for a gun believed used in the robbery, detectives Harvey Jackson and Jim Bell visited the victim's father, Paul Daines, who obligingly searched his home. The home is near 600 S. 13th East, between the bank and the neighborhood Daines was shot in.

The father located a black backpack containing a small handgun. "(the gun) wasn't where he usually kept it," said Paul Daines. "It was stashed up on some things over there."

Police believe that Daines must have stopped at his home and ditched the robbery weapon. "He had plenty of time," said Bell. "Twenty minutes elapsed from the time we got the bank robbery call and the time we spotted his vehicle," which Daines abandoned near Sherman Avenue and 13th East.

After searching the surrounding block with police dogs, officers chased Daines from E. Sherman Ave. to 1236 E. Laird Ave.

As Nelson approached, Daines apparently raised up and pointed his arms at the officer as if he were going to shoot. Assuming the man had a gun, Nelson fired, said Sgt. Don Bell.

The shooting is being investigated by Bell's squad, which will turn its findings over to a departmental shooting review board, and the Salt Lake County attorney's office, which will determine whether the shooting was legally justified.