Most Utahns are aware that Soviet arms-control verifiers in Utah will operate a full-time portal inspection station at Hercules Inc. in Magna to ensure American compliance with the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty.

On the other side of the globe, meanwhile, a U.S. team will be responsible for similar full-time monitoring of a portal at the Machine Building Plant in Votkinsk in the Soviet Union.What a lot of people don't realize is that portal operations are only one of five different types of inspections that are to take place around the world under terms of the treaty.

Other types of inspections include:

* Baseline Inspections - Specific bases mentioned in the treaty both in the United States and Western Europe and the Soviet Union and Soviet Bloc will be subject to on-site inspections to verify the initial exchange of information between the two superpowers.

* Close-out Inspections - Verification that banned operations have ceased at bases formerly involved in INF treaty-related activities.

* Elimination Inspections - Observation of the destruction of missiles and launchers at pre-selected elimination sites.

* Short-notice Inspections - During the treaty's 13-year life span, both sides will be permitted to conduct short-notice inspections (16 hours notice) at various locations to ensure treaty compliance.