Gov. Norm Bangerter wants to debate his Democratic opponent, Ted Wilson, 10 times this summer and 15 times after Labor Day, but Wilson wants to wait.

Bangerter sent Wilson a letter Tuesday asking for the debates. But Kathy Loveless, Wilson's spokeswoman, said Wilson has decided to wait until after Labor Day, Sept. 5, to engage in any debates with Bangerter.Dave Buhler, Bangerter's campaign manager, worked for Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, in 1982 when Wilson ran unsuccessfully against Hatch. In Bangerter's challenge to Wilson, Buhler included a letter that Wilson sent Hatch in 1982, detailing the good reasons for early and numerous debates.

But Wilson, leading Bangerter by 19 points in the polls, isn't rising to the challenge.

"Debating now, this summer, is too much heavy campaigning too early in the (election) season," said Loveless.