Heeding a call for quick action, the Davis County Republican Party will meet July 6 to nominate three candidates to fill a vacant County Commission post.

Commissioners Harold J. Tippetts and William L. Peters will select one of the three nominees to replace Glen E. Saunders, who resigned last week to become county clerk.Tippetts, commission chairman, wants to see the post filled no later than July 21. The appointment will be for the rest of 1988 because Saunders' four-year seat is up for election this fall. Because Saunders is a Republican, his replacement must also come from that party.

State law requires the party's county central committee to nominate three replacement candidates whose names are then submitted to the commission, which makes the final selection.

Gayle A. Stevenson, who is the party's nominee this fall, has indicated he will seek the interim post. He said being appointed now would give him experience in the position. He said it makes little sense to appoint someone who would have to leave the office at the end of the year.

Following the nominating convention, Tippetts and Peters will interview the three nominees and then make a selection at a subsequent commission meeting. The commissioners took just six days to decide on the county clerk appointment following the central committee meeting. If the same timetable is observed, a new commissioner could be named by July 13.