Two U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter jets collided in mid-air Wednesday, an air force spokeswoman said. The crash occurred less than two hours after another F-16 crashed into the Black Forest.

West German police said one pilot was killed in the mid-air crash.The Air Force spokeswoman, Capt. Gail Hayes, said the aircraft were on a training mission when they collided near Bodenheim, about six miles south of Mainz.

She said the aircraft, assigned to the 50th Tactical Fighter Wing at Hahn Air Base, crashed at 1:30 p.m.

"There was one person aboard each aircraft. The condition of those on board is unknown," Hayes told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from U.S. Air Force European headquarters at Ramstein Air Base.

West German police spokesman Hugo Lenxweiler told the AP in a telephone interview that one of the pilots was killed in the accident.

"The other pilot was able to eject safely," Lenxweiler said from his office in Bingen, 30 miles west of Frankfurt.

Air Force Spokesman 1st Lt. Al Sattler said the pilot in the Black Forest crash ejected safely before the crash and was taken to Ramstein Air Base to be examined.

Police in Karlsruhe said the crash occurred about noon (6 a.m. EDT) near the village of Marxzell-Burbach, about nine miles south of Karlsruhe.