The advanced solid rocket motor proposal by Hercules Inc. for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has resulted in the appointment of four new directors.

Clearfield Plant 2 director Jimmie E. Romine and facilities and maintenance director William L. Janney have transferred to the ASRM group to support Roger Blodgett who is heading the marketing and proposal effort.Jack L. McCord, director of safety and and product assurance, will replace Janney as director of facilities and maintenance, and James G. Martin, director of Plant 1 manufacturing, will replace Romine as Plant 2 director.

Charles R. Eubanks, who works in product engineering, will replace Jack McCord as director of safety and product assurance, and Sammy R. Starnes, Plant 1 superintendent, replaces Martin as Plant 1 manufacturing director.

Other changes include Mack B. McGowan being named Plant 2 manufacturing manager, and Jeff A. Raynor rejoining Hercules as Plant 2 manufacturing superintendent. Von D. McCandless, becomes Plant 1 manufacturing superintendent.

Janney has been responsible for design and construction at Bacchus West and was the first Bacchus West manufacturing manager. Romine has been at Plant 2 since 1984 and also has been Plant 3 fibers manufacturing manager for four years.

McCord has served as product engineering manager and director and held other key spots in all Hercules programs. Martin has experience in quality assurance and manufacturing as Plant 2 quality assurance manager and Plant 1 finishing and mix/cast area superintendent.

Eubanks has been engineering and motor development manager in product engineering and Starnes worked in other Hercules operations before coming to Utah in 1971.