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When it comes to the art of gift giving, the best gifts are those that are both memorable and meaningful. Whether its tickets to a loved one's favorite performer or a beautiful dress for a special occasion, some gifts carry more meaning and significance.

Consider the following five gifts that communicate your love, friendship or gratitude long after the gift is given.


“December is the month when jewelry retailers can be expected to make some 20 percent of annual sales, about as much as they make during the entire first (21 percent), second (23 percent) or third quarter (20 percent)," according to 2016 data from Forbes magazine.

The time and thought required for giving a piece of jewelry is part of what makes jewelry so beloved. Jewelry conveys so much regardless of its size and cost. Being able to wear the gift daily serves as a constant reminder to the recipient of the giver, their relationship and/or that special event it commemorates.

Jewelry can cater to personal beliefs, dreams, hopes and special occasions that have passed or that are to come. (And that bit of sparkle can accommodate any budget.)


A set of scriptures is another cherished gift that will remind the recipient of your love every time they touch the pages.

Scriptures provide inspiration and guidance from the perfect source of love — there aren’t many gifts that can come close to all they can offer.

Increase your connection with that special someone by highlighting some of your favorite verses or including your testimony.

Make the gift even more personal by choosing a case that reflects the tastes of their owner and that will keep the sacred books protected through time and travel.


Our fast-paced, high-tech world gives us access to millions of things, but some of the most appreciated are those that can’t be touched or held. Experience gifts place presence over presents, creating priceless memories that can be stored and revisited forever.

Cooking classes, travel, museum passes, concert tickets, massages or pampering gifts are just a few popular options. Ideas abound: the web is a fantastic source of options for near and far, for any budget. Examine the interests of the recipient then choose what you think they would enjoy the most.


There is more to the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words" than one might think. Paintings, prints or photographs have the power to convey meaning beyond what words can adequately express and evoke emotion. Imagery created by a talented artist can bring happiness instead of sadness and light when there is darkness.

“No matter what the art form, research confirms that the arts enhance coping,” according to Americans for the Arts.

Take the time to choose an image the recipient has a special connection to, and, in return, you will be connected to that recurring joy as well.

White dress

The special occasions that call for a delicate white dress are some of the most life-changing times we will experience. Choosing to give a woman you care about something so personal and meaningful will allow her to carry a piece of you with her whenever she wears it.

Whether you are looking for a white dress for regular temple attendance, a wedding or any big event, ModWhite offers a number of modest, white, full-length options for you to choose from.

Take the time to express how special someone is to you through purposeful selection of jewelry, scriptures, experiences, art or a white dress from ModWhite. Your symbolic choice is sure to be remembered always.