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Holiday cheer doesn’t come from the store, but the perfect holiday gift most certainly comes from Utah. With a rich history of industry and a natural atmosphere of goodwill, the Beehive State has something unique — and sure to please — for everyone on your shopping list.

Whether you're giving to locals or family members and friends who live out of state, here are some gift ideas that are uniquely Utah.


Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Utah is the place for world-class fine chocolate. In fact, seeing a Utah chocolate maker on a list of international award winners is not uncommon. With so many options at your fingertips, you can impress your loved ones with all Utah has to offer.

"For the most part in Utah, people get into chocolate production after being connoisseurs and having a deep knowledge and respect for the craft," Caputo's CEO Matt Caputo told Forbes.

If you love chocolate but the idea of fine chocolate makes you nervous, ask a cacao-loving friend for help, or just take a chance and choose a flavor that sounds good to you. Remember, when it comes to the fancy stuff, a little goes a long way.

Jam (and some good karma)

There’s something about the holidays that makes everyone want to buy, give and eat spreadable preserved fruit. If that’s your jam (pun intended), make your holiday shopping go a little further by supporting local moms who could use some extra help.

O-Town Kitchen, based in Ogden, employs single moms in tough situations to turn excess foods that would otherwise go to waste into culinary delights. With almost 3,000 homeless people in Utah, according to the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, every purchase counts. O-Town Kitchen’s products are beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting and can be bought at or through a variety of retailers listed on its website.

Preserved foods

If there’s one thing Utahns love to do, it’s plan for the worst. From stockpiling canned and dehydrated foods to prepping emergency backpacks, Utah is really prepared (and perhaps a little pessimistic).

The state also boasts a large population of outdoor enthusiasts, so when you combine the two, you get a lot of retailers selling foods perfect for long storage or for camping and outdoor excursions. Whether you’re shopping for an avid camper or an entire family without the means to stash some food storage in the closet or under the bed, food storage is the perfect option.

And don’t let that long life fool you; this KSL article has the rundown on the best-tasting and most convenient preserved food options.

Fine salts

Utah tends to produce people who are the salt of the earth. Coincidentally, it also produces a lot of salt from the earth. In fact, according to, salt was one of the state’s first enterprises, dating back to the days when Jedediah Smith helped himself to deposits near the Great Salt Lake.

The beauty of this abundant resource is that it takes so many forms — and offers myriad gifting options. From salt scrubs that soften skin to fine flaked sea salt to sprinkle over your chocolate chip cookies (just try it), there’s something salty for every palate.

Bee-made delights

What better way to send warm wishes from the Beehive State than with something created from Utah bees?

From raw natural honey to the treats and beauty products made from it, along with artisan candles, lip balm, and other beeswax products, there are many ways to benefit from these industrious little insects. To find honey producers near you, visit the National Honey Board.

So if you want to a gift that says Utah, you could opt for the t-shirt with an image of Delicate Arch or a snow globe with the Salt Lake Temple, or you could choose one of these gifts that provides a true taste of Utah.