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Philadelphia 76ers' Ben Simmons, left, won the NBA's Rookie of the Year award Monday, while the Utah Jazz's Donovan Mitchell finished second for the award.

If the seemingly unending banter concerning who should win the NBA's Rookie of the Year award between the Utah Jazz's Donovan Mitchell and the Philadelphia 76ers' Ben Simmons ended Monday night as Simmons took home the trophy, the Sixers got in a few last good jabs.

With Mitchell having arrived at the NBA's awards show Monday night in a van that resembled his famous "Rookie" sweatshirt from Adidas, the Sixers doctored an image of the vehicle after Simmons won.

The Sixers didn't stop there. In a clear cut to the Jazz, they used the phrase "took note" in a tweet of a press release announcing Simmons' victory.

About 25 minutes after that tweet, the Sixers left things on good terms by congratulating Mitchell on a good season and posting a GIF of him and Simmons hugging after it was announced that Simmons had won.

Grayson Allen pick not surprising by Utah?

Soon after the Jazz drafted Grayson Allen last week, a short clip was posted on Twitter of some ESPN analysts discussing the selection.

Almost immediately, Ryan Hollins said the pick was "not surprising." It's not quite clear the direction Hollins was going to go with the rest of his comment, as the other analysts interjected by essentially asking if it was because Allen is white.

"Is that a Salt Lake joke?" Ryen Russillo asked, after which Chris Haynes, who wrote the infamous "Nightlife" piece during the 2017 playoffs, said, "I didn't say nothin'."

The group then gave serious analysis of the pick, with Russillo saying of the Jazz, "They might just go, 'Hey, let's just keep putting as many shooters out there as possible."

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A few minutes after the NBA's awards show began Monday night, the Jazz posted a video on Twitter of center Rudy Gobert, who won Defensive Player of the Year, giving out his own "awards."

"The Rudys" were given for such things as best trash talker in the NBA (his teammate Joe Ingles), best singer (Indiana's Victor Oladipo, who won Most Improved Player) and best dressed (himself), among a few others.

"All my teammates are hating on me, on my outfit," Gobert said, "but I really think I stepped it up this year, and I'm gonna keep stepping it up next year."