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Ed J. Pinegar is the author of "Living after the Manner of Happiness."

"LIVING AFTER THE MANNER OF HAPPINESS," by Ed J. Pinegar, Covenant Communications, $11.99, 142 pages (nf)

In his latest book, popular speaker and author Ed J. Pinegar teaches at length how to live a happier, more godly life by choosing to forgo sins that easily beset individuals in “Living After the Manner of Happiness.”

While the first two chapters of Pinegar’s book are dry and read like a long compilation of scriptures and quotes by leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, chapter three is where his book really takes off. It is here that Pinegar starts listing the many behavioral choices people make daily that determine how happy they are. Deciding whether to be prideful or humble, and choosing charity over envy, are just some of his examples. Interspersed throughout this book, the many stories Pinegar tells help drive home the importance of godly attributes, and his realistic approaches for changing seem doable, instead of impossible.

The story of Peggy Archuleta, told at various stages of her life throughout the book, helps tie “Living After the Manner of Happiness” together. A former active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Archuleta totally left the church for years before returning to full activity. Her story of having, then losing, and then finding happiness again is a moving one that is relatable and rings of honesty.

“Living After the Manner of Happiness” is a book geared toward those who want to better their lives and a reminder that finding happiness shouldn’t be a mystery. Rather, it is one that’s sometimes forgotten and can be easily found by those who put forth the effort.

A resident of Orem, Pinegar has taught at Brigham Young University and was most recently the president of the Manti Utah Temple.

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