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Larry Fullmer
Maryguenn Vellinga raises her hands in celebration after winning her quarterfinal bout at the Golden Gloves National Tournament in Omaha, Nebraska, on Thursday.

OMAHA, Neb. — Wednesday couldn't have been more disappointing for the Rocky Mountain Region at the National Golden Gloves Tournament as all four boxers lost their bouts.

Thursday was the complete opposite, as all four fighters won their quarterfinal match-ups. The interesting aspect of Thursday's fights is that all four boxers were women, three of them Utah athletes.

This is the first year women have been included in the Golden Gloves Tournaments, and local fighters are making the most of the opportunity. The victories mean all four women will advance to Friday's semifinal, with National Champions being crowned on Saturday.

In Thursday's quarterfinal, Maryguenn Vellinga, Utah, who fights at 112 pounds, defeated Kathleen Sterling from New York Metro.

Michelle Maya, Utah, fighting at 119 pounds, defeated Ashley Sciscente from Knoxville.

In the 141-pound division, Whitney Gomez, Utah, defeated Liz Flores from California.

Competing at 152-pounds, Kendra Reeves, Idaho, defeated Candace Graves from St. Louis.

On Wednesday, Utahn Matt Searle was defeated by Thomas Huitt, Kansas City. Montana's Billy Wagner was defeated by Kiante Irving, Pennsylvania. Utahn Milo Gomez was defeated by Kenon Eikerenkoetter, St. Louis. Utahn Diego Alvarez was defeated by Deshawn Boyd, Chicago.