The Provo High Wrestling Hall of Fame would like to recognize individuals from its past for induction into the Hall of Fame. A banquet in their honor will be held for them and their families on Saturday, Nov. 17. The site is still to be determined. Please feel free to contact Provo High School Wrestling Hall of Fame chairman Brian Preece at [email protected].

If you or family members are attending the all-class reunion on Monday, please feel free to visit Preece in his classroom in D2-7 (D-Wing Floor 2, Room 7). This is the potential list of Hall of Fame inductees we would like to honor in the 2018 class: Don Cox, Mike Daley, Leroy Davies, Terry Ellison, Bob Milner, Lamar Moon, Alan Sorensen, Jim Stott, Mike Tangren and coach Frank Witney.

Brian Preece was the head wrestling coach at Provo High School from 1994-2006 and is the Chairman of the Provo High Wrestling Hall of Fame.