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Tyler Tate/ T Squared Action Sports
Gregg Duffy performs in the Nitro World Games in Salt Lake City on June 24, 2017.

The Nitro Circus "Next Level Tour" will take flight in St. George on Saturday night.

For Nitro Circus, a return home is always exciting as it tours the world performing jaw-dropping tricks. This season, the Nitro Circus "Next Level Tour" kicks off in Utah as Trailblazer Stadium.

For Utah native Ethan Roberts, part of the Nitro Circus founding family, a return home to Utah is special.

“It’s cool for me to have the Nitro Circus crew see Utah in all it glory,” Roberts said. “We travel all over the world, and I still think Utah is one of my favorite places I have been, and to be able to call that home is even better.”

This year's event is titled the “Next Level Tour,” a name Nitro Circus ringleader Travis Pastrana took to heart as the ramps and landings are even bigger this year. Gregg Duffy, a Nitro Circus athlete and neighbor to Pastrana, has been an integral part of developing the next evolution of the tour.

“The Next Level tour is exactly how it sounds, next level,” said Duffy. “This year, we have some of the biggest, scariest and gnarliest ramps ever to be seen on any tour. These ramps are over 20 feet tall and send riders as big as 60 feet in the air. We have some of the best freestyle riders in the world, and we’re all scared of these ramps. These new Next Level ramps are unbelievable. It’s so hard to mentally prepare yourself to hit a ramp that sits twice as high as a normal freestyle ramp. The Next Level ramps are just so intimidating. There have only been about seven people to ever hit the front flip side of Next Level, and about 10 people to hit what we like to call “the moon booter” side, and that right there will tell you exactly how crazy these ramps are.”

Duffy is no stranger to performing at a high level in Utah, as he was the first winner in the inaugural Freestyle Motocross Best Trick contest in the Nitro World Games. So what do he and Roberts have in store for the fans in St. George?

“For the St. George show, I’m definitely still working on getting my front flip variations perfected,” said Duffy. “The front flip ramp is one of the scariest and difficult ramps I’ve ever hit, and it still makes me nervous every time I hit it. There are so many amazing, new aspects of this show, I’m honestly excited to watch all of the riders perform. The Next Level Tour will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole show.”

Roberts plays a special role in the show.

“I am the jester of the show,” he said. “I do all the silly things that no one else really wants to do but that makes the crowd laugh, like jumping a motorized toilet or back flipping a kid’s dirt bike.”

Between the Nitro Circus Live tours that have come through Utah several times, and the Nitro World Games being hosted here, the connection of Nitro Circus to Utah has become family-like for many of the riders.

“Nitro started here,” said Roberts. “It was the perfect place to grow into what it has become now because most people that live in Utah have a wild hair, or are adventurous. We were encouraged to evolve here because of the community support.”

For Roberts, a new father, bringing about an event that everyone can be a part of is important.

“Next Level is a perfect family event,” said Roberts. “I brought my grandmother-in-law to the show, who knew nothing of action sports. She said that show was the most fun she has had in 30 years. And she couldn’t sleep that night because she was so revved up and excited. It will make you laugh, cry and question the law of physics. Even though you have to pay for a whole seat to see the show, you’re only going to need the very edge of it!”

The show begins at 6 p.m. Saturday at Trailblazer Stadium in St. George. Ticket prices range from $29 for GA Lawn to $79 for the VIP Experience where fans can get up close and personal with the Nitro crew. In addition to having premiere seats, VIP Club pass holders will now have the chance to take a behind the scenes look at the show with an exclusive pre-show track walk. VIP Club pass holders also have the opportunity to meet some of the riders during an autograph signing session, receive a souvenir poster and get a chance to win cool Nitro Circus swag.

For more ticket information, visit https://tickets.dsutix.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=88

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