Dave Anderson, Richfield Reaper
The Richfield girls golf team stands with the trophy after winning the 3A title at Cove View Golf Course on Wednesday.
The fun thing is that they are all underclassmen. I knew they’d be competitive, but I didn’t want them to think about it. —Richfield head coach Todd Mullen

RICHFIELD — The Richfield High School girls golf team pulled together a championship performance during the 3A state tournament Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Lady Wildcats were able to deliver the win on their home turf — Cove View Golf Course in Richfield.

“It’s been fantastic,” said Todd Mullen, who is in his first year of coaching the Lady ’Cats. “I’ve been fortunate to have a bunch of girls who love to golf.”

As a team, Richfield carded a 668 through the tournament.

“The fun thing is that they are all underclassmen,” Mullen said. “I knew they’d be competitive, but I didn’t want them to think about it.”

Keeping nerves under control was key to the victory, according to Mullen.

“I told them the only thing you can control is the shot you’re going to make right now,” Mullen said.

Junior Hayden Harris led the way for the Lady ’Cats, turning in an 83 during the first day of the tournament, and then shaving eight strokes off that during the second day for a 75. Her performance placed her as the top individual golfer in the tournament with a two-day score of 158.

“I think it went really well,” Harris said. “I just tried to not think about how the other girls were doing.”

Harris said she was able to relax more during Wednesday’s round, allowing her to improve her game. However, it wasn’t without some challenges. On the number eight hole, she wound up shooting two over par, but said she was able to put it behind her and focus on the rest of the round.

“Our team did really good,” Harris said. “I’m so proud of how they matched up with the other teams.”

Juab’s McKaizlee Cowan was the leader after the first day of the tournament, shooting an 80. However, during the second day, she wound up adding one stroke to her game for a two-day total of 161. Her performance earned her second place individually.

“I felt like I played really good on the back half,” Cowan said. As a senior, this was Cowan’s final performance as a prep golfer.

“I’m kind of sad,” Cowan said. “Golf has been my life these past four years. I’m just thankful for all the support I’ve been given and my teammates. I couldn’t do it without them.”

Sophomore Natasha Oldroyd was Richfield’s number two golfer through the tournament, carding a total of 170. She cut four strokes off her game between the first and second rounds.

“We all made it as a team,” Oldroyd said. “I’m really proud of each one of them.”

Ellie Hair was the third person on Richfield’s team, with a 171 across both rounds.

The second-place trophy came down to a sudden-death playoff between Morgan and Judge Memorial as they both had 739 at the end of the day.

Morgan won the playoff for the trophy.

3A girls golf tournament

at Cove View Golf Course


Team results

1. Richfield, 668; 2. Morgan*, 739; 3. Judge Memorial, 739; 4. Carbon, 770; 5. Providence Hall, 784; 6. Juab, 797; 7. Grantsville, 804; and 8. Delta, 813.

*—Morgan won sudden-death playoff

Individual results

(83-75—158) Hayden Harris, Richfield

(80-81—161) McKaizlee Cowan, Juab

(84-78—162) Sophie Gross, Judge Memorial

(87-82—169) Jordan Bianco, Carbon

(87-83—170) Natasha Oldroyd, Richfield

(81-90—171) Ellie Hair, Richfield

(86-86—172) Sofia Clark, Judge Memorial

(85-87—172) Maddie Miller, Richfield

(84-89—173) Joopy Bamrungmuang, Grand

(85-88—173) Morgan McDougal, Providence Hall

(84-90—174) Averi Vaughan, Morgan

(91-91—182) Bailee Wright, Morgan

(94-89—183) Lauren Telford, Morgan

(95-89—184) Megan Welburn, Juab

(98-87—185) Piper Harris, Richfield

(96-90—186) Sam King, Carbon

(90-96—186) Shayla Patton, Delta