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Cedar Fort
"Living Faith: Keeping Your Testimony in Focus" is by Vincent Anderson.

"LIVING FAITH: Keeping Your Testimony in Focus," by Vincent Anderson, Cedar Fort, $15.99, 240 pages (nf)

Vincent Anderson's new work titled "Living Faith: Keeping Your Testimony in Focus" is a group of lessons for teaching teenagers at church turned into an inspirational book. "Living Faith" seems to want to redefine the way a person's brain and heart looks at the concept of faith, making it more real and tangible, and the book achieves its purpose in spades.

A natural fit for those who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the book is surprising in it's delivery and perspective on a topic as widely discussed and seemingly generic as faith. The author breaks down the concept and action of faith and teaches the reader what "living" faith actually is. Starting with the chapter "Vision of Faith" on to chapters such as "Definition of Faith" and "Trial of Faith," the book concludes aptly with the conclusive look at "Living Faith."

One great aspect of the work is its excellent and engaging use of scriptural examples. The author shows the reader instead of telling them — using aspects of faith found in common scriptural examples from the Book of Mormon and Bible. Readers familiar with the scripture stories will find explanations and discussions that might not quite be like what they have heard before.

Many types of learners will appreciate the author's excellent and avid use of metaphors, analogies and object lessons throughout the publication. They add a robustness to the text and a provide a complex look at the spiritual topic of faith.

Upon reading the volume, the beginning may feel a bit clunky and stale. The first few pages definitely seem more like the lessons the author describes in the preface than a regular book. However, the prose soon breaks into a rhythm that is natural and interesting and guides the reader along.

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