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Donovan Mitchell shoots in the Utah Jazz's City, Icon, Statement and Association uniforms.

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Jazz's strategy for Game 2 of their first-round matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder might look something like this:

1. Hope Playoff P cools down.

2. Keep Donovan Mitchell healthy.

3. Ditch the navy blue uniforms.

Sunday's result, a 116-108 loss in Game 1, followed a trend that's played out this season. The Jazz have been less likely to win wearing their regular road uniforms — the navy blue Icon Edition threads with green, gold and white trim — than in their other three outfit options.

Not only are the Jazz 0-1 in the 2018 playoffs with the blue uniforms, but they had a .500 record in the Icon duds this season. Judging the results, the Jazz give their fans the blues in blue more often than when they wear white, gold or the orange-hued gradient uniforms.

Here's how the Jazz played in each color this season, from worst winning percentage to best:

Icon (navy blue): 14-14

Association (white): 13-11

City (gradient): 6-3

Statement (gold): 16-6 (updated with Utah's Game 2 win Thursday night)

Those actual results might be a bit surprising to many Jazz fans, who have fallen in love with the City Edition uniform, which pays a tribute to southern Utah's colorful red-rock country.

Here are the results of two unscientific Twitter polls, which show a glimpse of the popularity and perceived playing advantage of the City uniforms:

Picking just one uniform wasn't easy for all.

"Come on now," Jazz fan Travis Shaw wrote. "That's like asking which child is your favorite."

Multiple fans wanted to add a write-in candidate: the old green uniforms the Jazz used to roll out on occasion.

Even though the City Edition uniforms seem to be the most popular — one fan even wrote that he thought the Jazz were undefeated in them — not everybody loves them.

"Seriously, the City Edition? Why don't we all just break out the old Houston Astros Jerseys?" @ScorpDaddio54 wrote. "I like the color scheme & the idea behind them, but the design is really lacking. Nike did the Jazz no favors with this lame overall design."

By the way, the Jazz will try to make a statement in their second game of this series Wednesday at OKC. Utah will sport the gold uniforms.