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Mark Philbrick
BYU football coach LaVell Edwards raises trophy at Holiday Bowl on Dec 23, 1983.

LaVell Edwards’ grandson Matt Edwards, a former Cougar tight end who left Southern Virginia to be an analyst at Virginia under Bronco Mendenhall, has been studying LaVell’s journals and notebooks and tweeted out a very telling paragraph.

LaVell emphasized the importance of throwing the kitchen sink at defenses when in scoring position. He had the luxury of outstanding QB play most of the time when in those positions, where leadership and decision-making were everything.

Wrote LaVell on the “Scoring Zone” from the 5-yard line:

“Here is where you must display a lot of poise and leadership. Use best play and players, must score to win. Don’t gamble unless necessary. You do not want to lose any yards. This is the area you want to use power plays, plays that are designed for muscle. If you throw, work inside out or delayed passes inside. This is an area for your backs to try and jump high and get the ball into the end zone. If you try a running play on fourth down and you haven’t made it in the end zone, fumble the ball. Remember, we must score to win!”

I miss LaVell. He was cool.