Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Safeties coach Preston Hadley throws to his players while warming up before the Blue-White Game at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo on Saturday, April 7, 2018.

PROVO — While BYU let go a handful of former players when it overhauled its offensive coaching staff, a couple of other former Cougars have returned to campus as assistant coaches.

Quarterbacks coach/passing game coordinator Aaron Roderick and safeties coach Preston Hadley are happy to be at BYU again.

“It’s really good to be back and see old faces and new faces," said Hadley, a former Cougar safety from 2011-12 who spent the past two seasons as an assistant at Weber State. "It’s been good. A lot of work to do.”

He enjoys talking about his experiences as a player with current players.

“I find myself referring back to it a lot. Not like an 'Uncle Rico' type of way but more just pointing out what I would have done differently or what I found that helped me,” Hadley said. “It’s nice to be able to relate in that way. It’s been helpful sharing experiences to help these guys be successful.”

Roderick, who played receiver at BYU from 1996-98 and later spent about a decade coaching for the Utes, is also glad to have returned to Provo.

“It’s been great. I don’t think about being back that much. It is great to be back but I don’t get too nostalgic about it. I’m trying to pass along a sense of urgency to the position group that I coach,” he said. “We need to do our jobs and win games. I’m so focused every day on that. I show up to work and go in the building and do my job and try to get this team prepared to beat Arizona.

"That’s all I’ve really thought about since I took the job. There’s times when I look around and say, ‘This is awesome. These guys and this staff are great.’ I’m close to a lot of these guys. But I haven’t had much time to have touchy-feely moments about being back. It’s been straight work since the night we’ve been hired; we’ve just been working. I’m working a lot of hours and there’s a lot of late nights, trying to get this offense squared away.”