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Cedar Fort
"Fly, Eject or Die" is by Brock Booher.

"FLY, EJECT OR DIE," by Brock Booher, Cedar Fort, $14.99, 144 pages (nf)

Brock Booher uses his vast experience as a pilot to give insight into the topic of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' perspective of agency in his latest book "Fly, Eject or Die." When a pilot has an incident, he or she has a debriefing afterward to discuss what was learned. Using this debriefing method, Brock discusses the lessons that can be learned from a few real-life airplane crashes and applies them to agency.

A lot of preparation is needed to become a pilot, and Brock suggests that people need to prepare to use their agency as well. Brock further illustrates this point as he discusses that often the time to make a decision is during the preparation phase and not when you are faced with the situation.

However, the true test of a pilot is during the flight. This life is an opportunity to be tested. In order to better help the reader navigate their gift of agency, Brock provides an agency checklist similar to the emergency checklist that pilots use. The checklist has four basic rules.

To help youths be better prepared to use their agency wisely, Brock gives some role-playing scenarios for them to go over and decide what they would do before they are in that situation. Using the agency checklist they are able to know how to handle these scenarios and real-life situations.

Additionally, the Holy Ghost and the power of the Atonement are masterfully compared to aviation terms that will bring the reader greater insight into both subjects. "Fly, Eject, or Die" is a great resource for educating youths on agency in a fun and spiritually uplifting way.

There is no foul language or sex of any kind. There are discussions of plane crashes and death but not in graphic detail.

Booher is a graduate of Brigham Young University and a former United States Air Force pilot. He also was an instructor pilot and flew for commercial airlines. He and his wife, Britt, have six kids and one grandson.

Jennifer Autry has called many states home and is an American military wife with two beautiful girls. Jennifer, Jenny, or Jenn (she doesn't care which one) is an aspiring author and blogs at imperfectlymormon.blogspot.com.