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"When Heaven Feels Distant" is by Tyler J. Griffin.

"WHEN HEAVEN FEELS DISTANT," by Tyler J. Griffin, Deseret Book, $16.99, 176 pages (nf)

Utah author Tyler J. Griffin understands that in this journey called life, people often go through turbulent times. He also understands that during these experiences, it may feel like heaven is too far away to give comfort.

In "When Heaven Feels Distant," Griffin uses three points of reference to show readers that heaven is closer than they may think. He shares how whenever he and his wife go through hard times, they ask each other if they need sympathy, solutions or support. Griffin uses these as a measure for readers to get through their own difficult days.

Using a casual, conversational style of instruction, Griffin uses anecdotes, both personal and secondhand, to show the process one goes through in their trials and how to find peace.

Along with the stories, Griffin includes scriptural principles and how to apply them, the idea of divine inheritance, and lessons in what to gain from having our spirit placed in mortal bodies.

While the majority of the content is directed toward the reader and how to self-help, there is a section on how to use this book to help loved ones who may be suffering with a trial of faith.

The last two chapters focus on specific principals designed to assist the reader in drawing closer to heaven and building faith.

There is a notes section at the end with references from the chapters, making it easy to extend study of the subject matter discussed throughout. An index gives the reader simple access to look up topics to search out in the book.

Griffin's background in education, specifically The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' Church Education System, shows through his ability to teach without talking down or overindulging in scholastic content.

"When Heaven Feels Distant" is suitable for youths and adults alike and contains no violence, swearing or sexual content.

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