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"My God Hath Been My Support" cover

"MY GOD HATH BEEN MY SUPPORT: Seven Keys to Understanding and Enduring Personal Trials," by David T. Morgan, Covenant Communications, $9.99, 82 pages (nf)

What are the life lessons found in 2 Nephi 4, also known as the "Psalm of Nephi"?

Psychologist David T. Morgan shares several insights from the Book of Mormon hero Nephi in his book "My God Hath Been My Support: Seven Keys to Understanding and Enduring Personal Trials."

Broken down into easy-to-read and understand sections, Morgan explores seven concepts designed to help readers draw on Nephi's experiences in enduring their own trials.

His key concepts include learning to know and trust Heavenly Father and the Savior, learning to love others as God loves each individual, developing patterns for more meaningful prayers, forgiving and letting go of resentment, giving up sins and seeking righteousness by working side-by-side with the Savior, accepting weakness and submitting to God's will, and gaining the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost by keeping covenants.

Each chapter focuses on and explores aspects of Nephi's experiences as well as other scriptural accounts to guide readers in developing more strength to overcome trials with the help of the Savior. Morgan illustrates that by following Nephi's example, individuals can increase their own faith, testimony and relationship with God.

"My God Hath Been My Support" ends each chapter with "questions for self-reflection," directing readers to ask themselves things like, "What can I do to make my prayers more sincere?" or "How do I feel when I consider the commandment to forgive all people?" and "What can I do to better understand the character of my Father in Heaven?"

Morgan's book features simple tools and ideas that individuals and families can implement in their lives immediately, as a "scripture-based roadmap to a more fulfilling life … learn(ing) from Nephi how to transform sorrow into joy."

This scriptural-based book can be helpful to anyone who wishes to find ways to not only endure, but understand their own trials.

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