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"Prophetic Events of the Last Days" is by Richard L. Judd.

PROPHETIC EVENTS OF THE LAST DAYS: Understanding the Signs of the Second Coming," by Richard L. Judd, Covenant Communications, $8.99, 96 pages (nf)

The calamities of the last days and the triumphant Second Coming of Jesus Christ are topics of intense interest for many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For LDS readers wanting to know more about these subjects, Richard L. Judd’s book titled “Prophetic Events of the Last Days” could prove a fascinating read.

“Prophetic Events of the Last Days: Understanding the Signs of the Second Coming” is an efficient and interesting overview of the prophecies made regarding episodes to come leading up to Christ’s Second Coming.

With chapter titles such as, “Avoiding Deception: There Are False Prophets Rising Within And Without The Church” and “I Wonder Where He’ll Come Again: Personal and Public Appearances,” Judd does an excellent job attracting even the most casual student of the Second Coming and of laying out the facts about the last days in an organized and helpful way. It is researched and cited with great care and surgical precision, and the sources are cited within the text.

The book is an excellent and well-researched collection of scripture, quotes and doctrine and even provides visual word examples as well as helpful charts, lists and references. Interesting highlights in “Prophetic Events” included personal examples from the author, such as when a mentally ill man entered his institute building claiming to be the Christ. One downside to the book is that it is somewhat lacking in personal voice and experience and, at times, can seem a bit academic-heavy. However, this is understandable as the book is about prophecies of things to come in the future.

The book is a wonderful and quick read and is written in such a way that mentions of disturbing future events are written from the perspective of scripture, quotes from church leaders and doctrine, and are not graphic in any way.

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