The guy the most ready is Miskela —BYU assistant football coach Ed Lamb

PROVO — Ed Lamb, safety coach turned linebacker mentor, believes the Cougars signed linebackers — one in particular — who could contribute right away. Because of depth at his spot, however, he may not be called upon right away.

Alex Miskela is a 6-foot-1, 220-pound athlete, who began his prep career at national powerhouse St. John Bosco before transferring to Los Alamitos High, where he played on the defensive line. He helped St. John win a state title in California in 2016. He was recruited by ASU, Utah, Cal and Washington State.

Gunner Romney and Miskela are a pair of freshmen who coud contribute right away, said the assistant head coach.

“The guy the most ready is Miskela. He’s got what we looked for in our class when we recruited height and development potential," Lamb said. "We still have to get them stronger, teach skills, teach them toughness and grit in a lot of cases, but we haven’t sacrificed on height and athleticism.

“Miskela is probably the outlier there. He is probably as big and as strong as anybody out there. He’s really explosive. While there really isn’t an immediate need, we’ve discussed delaying his initial admission so when he does come he will be used.”

What is the sales pitch after a down season? One item on the agenda is the chance to help turn things around, said the coach.

“BYU has some unique qualities that this coaching staff, the past coaching staff, and the future coaching staff will all sell, and those are things that LDS kids and many of the kids will be attracted to, whether a great season or if it is a down season.”

But a four-win season and no bowl game?

“Then there are some advantages to create when there is a down season, and some of the kids bring them to us before we ever mention them; a feeling that there are some advantages for them, an opportunity to play sooner in their career,” said Lamb.

“Because we haven’t made plays to win a game and they see that is where they can fit in. In all of it, we all like a challenge and like to feel like they want to make an impact, be a part of it. A lot of the recruits articulated that to us in the process.”