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Jacob Wiegand, Deseret News
Members of the Mountain Crest wrestling team gather around the championship trophy following their win in the Class 4A state wrestling meet at Utah Valley University in Orem on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018.
(The state title) just shows that we have been working hard in the room. It makes all the hard work worth it. —Mountain Crest's Tanner Lofthouse

OREM — At the conclusion of the opening day of the 4A state tournament, the Mountain Crest Mustangs led the Uintah Utes by a score of 126-121. That score, in and of itself, seemed to promise a competitive and perhaps nail-biting final day Saturday at UVU’s UCCU center.

The Mustangs had other plans.

They dominated the semifinals early on Saturday, placing seven wrestlers in championship matches, compared to just three for the Utes.

While the final bouts of the season didn’t always go their way, Mountain Crest finished with just two individual state champs, tied with rivals Payson, Uintah and Bear River, the team score did.

Mountain Crest finished with 253 points, 50.5 more than Uintah, and as a result claimed the 4A state title.

Uintah finished with 202.5 points, good for second place, while Payson came in third with 188. Bear River and Canyon View finished in fourth and fifth place respectively, with 153 and 124.

“(The state title) just shows that we have been working hard in the room,” Mountain Crest individual champion Tanner Lofthouse (160) said. “It makes all the hard work worth it.”

So did his individual title.

Matched up against Isaac Semadeni (Logan), Lofthouse was dominant from start to finish.

“I just wanted to stay on my offense,” said Lofthouse.

He did just that, for all three periods, en route to a 9-1 major decision and the state title.

“It feels good. It feels great,” said Lofthouse.

The champion credited his victory to others, first his uncles and coaches, and than the Mountain Crest fans.

“Working with my uncles really helped a lot,” said Lofthouse. “I (also) heard (our) fans and fed off them. It was fun. I have been working for this my whole life.”

The same could be said for the Mustangs other individual champion, Braydon Mogle (113).

Mogle emerged victorious against Bear River’s Scott Robertson, in one of the most competitive matches of the night.

The pair of lightweights battled back-and-forth for all three periods, with Mogle eking out a 7-5 decision in the final period.

While Mogle and Lofthouse were the only individual champs for the Mustangs, Logan Mano (132), Jace Dart (138), Brayden Guthrie (152), Jace Gunnell (182) and Eli Wells (285) each earned themselves a second-place finish.

Guthrie’s matchup against Bear River’s Kaygen Canfield was as even a match as you could find, with Canfield securing his third state title by the slim margin of 1-0.

Perhaps the most impressive victory of the evening belonged to Uintah’s Gavin Ayotte.

Already a state champ, having won a state title as a freshman, Ayotte was simply spectacular Saturday.

His 24-10 major decision over Wyatt Hone (Payson) merely proved what everyone, including Ayotte, already knew — he is elite.

“I knew he couldn’t stop my shots,” said Ayotte. “I just went in and kept taking him down if I could.”

His dominance — Ayotte finished the season with a 41-1 record — didn’t take away from the state title, however.

“This one is still just as exciting,” Ayotte said. “Last year was my first, but winning is always exciting and I don’t like to lose.”

Adding to the match was that it was in the state championships, which according to Ayotte made a difference.

“The (fans) here make (the state tournament) different,” said Ayotte. “There are a lot more people here than at other tournaments. It just makes it a different environment.”

Or as Lofthouse put it, “there is a little more pressure. It is more exciting pressure though.”

Other notable state champs included Randon Deets (126) out of Uintah, Stansbury’s Anthony Herrera (138), Sky View’s Ryan Hansen (145) and Orem starting quarterback Cooper Legas (195).

Class 4A

Team scores

1. Mountain Crest 253; 2. Uintah 202.5; 3. Payson 188.0; 4. Bear River 153.0; 5. Canyon View 124.0; 6. Hurricane 111.5; 7. Salem Hills 84.5; 8. Spanish Fork 73.5; 9. Desert Hills 70.0; 10. Orem 64.0.

Individual results

106 — Championship: Cole Jensen (Payson) 46-10, So., over Austin Bush (Bonneville) 45-5, Fr. (MD 18-6); 3. Zackery Bingham, Bear River; 4. Layne Shepherd, Spanish Fork; 5. Anthony Lopez, Mountain Crest; 6. Cole Huber, Uintah.

113 — Championship: Braydon Mogle (Mountain Crest) 44-2, Sr., over Scott Robertson (Bear River) 43-6, Fr. (Dec 7-5); 3. Mattew Sedillo, Juan Diego; 4. Quade Valerio, Payson; 5. Gunnar Harrison, Uintah; 6. Josh Holme, Uintah.

120 — Championship: Gavin Ayotte (Uintah) 41-1, Jr., over Wyatt Hone (Payson) 35-9, So. (MD 24-10); 3. Jared Armstrong, Hurricane; 4. Avery Dustin, Bear River; 5. Mason Morris, Green Canyon; 6. Dallen Daley, Spanish Fork.

126 — Championship: Randon Deets (Uintah) 42-5, Jr., over Joshua Armstrong (Hurricane) 38-9, Fr. (Dec 3-2); 3. Gabriel Terry, Mountain View; 4. Riley Helt, Pine View; 5. Ryker Boyce, Desert Hills; 6. Devin Robins, Orem.

132 — Championship: Caleb Armstrong (Hurricane) 43-4, Jr., over Logan Mano (Mountain Crest) 38-8, Sr. (Fall 5:20); 3. Kasey Robinson, Canyon View; 4. August Harrison, Uintah; 5. Clayton Warr, Hurricane; 6. Kart Smethurst, Mountain Crest.

138 — Championship: Anthony Herrera (Stansbury) 47-3, Sr., over Jace Dart (Mountain Crest) 40-7, Jr. (Dec 9-7); 3. Chance Parker, Ridgeline; 4. Levi Webb, Hurricane; 5. Seth Burr, Mountain View; 6. Brock Loveless, Payson.

145 — Championship: Ryan Hansen (Sky View) 34-2, Sr., over Brady Lowry (Canyon View) 49-3, Jr. (Dec 8-5); 3. Chyler Zeeman, Salem Hills; 4. Lance Sanchez, Logan; 5. Bridger Bennion, Uintah; 6. Logan Gustafson, Stansbury.

152 — Championship: Kaygen Canfield (Bear River) 22-3, Sr., over Brayden Guthrie (Mountain Crest) 40-11, So. (Dec 1-0); 3. Tucker Naccarato, Payson; 4. Colten Shumway, Canyon View; 5. Brok Mcleod, Spanish Fork; 6. Treyson Abbott, Hurricane.

160 — Championship: Tanner Lofthouse (Mountain Crest) 51-1, Sr., over Isaac Semadeni (Logan) 29-3, Sr. (MD 9-1); 3. Merrell Morley, Salem Hills; 4. Caleb Weaver, Cedar City; 5. Hayden Boren, Uintah; 6. Brayden Cavalielri, Canyon View.

170 — Championship: Justin Martin (Salem Hills) 48-6, Sr., over Tanner Moon (Uintah) 28-8, Sr. (Fall 1:24); 3. Tyson Carter, Payson; 4. Austin Winterton, Orem; 5. Josh Powell, Mountain Crest; 6. Carter Grgich, Tooele.

182 — Championship: Wyatt Monroe (Payson) 40-5, Sr., over Jace Gunnell (Mountain Crest) 35-15, Sr. (Fall 2:58); 3. Matt Thalman, Ridgeline; 4. Hunter Schroeder, Mountain Crest; 5. Holden King, Spanish Fork; 6. Jayden Atwood, Uintah.

195 — Championship: Cooper Legas (Orem) 39-2, Jr., over Byron Anderson (Desert Hills) 42-5, Sr. (Dec 7-5); 3. Tyler Haley, Canyon View; 4. Trevor Barrus, Sky View; 5. Carson Bywater, Bear River; 6. Louis Williams, Payson.

220 — Championship: Logan Pond (Bear River) 40-13, Jr., over Tuiits Kanosh (Snow Canyon) 33-12, Jr. (Dec 5-2); 3. Shane Farnsworth, Hurricane; 4. Blake Alsip, Uintah; 5. Sam McMurray, Mountain Crest; 6. Riley Robertson, Canyon View.

285 — Championship: Daniel Jordan (Cedar City) 44-3, Sr., over Eli Wells (Mountain Crest) 30-2, Sr. (Dec 4-2); 3. David Herring, Mountain View; 4. Enoka Fuailetolo, Desert Hills; 5. Chance Kennicker, Uintah; 6. Mccoy Cook, Payson.

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