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Jacob Wiegand, Deseret News
Members of the Juab wrestling team prepare to have their photo taken while being recognized as the Class 3A state wrestling champions at Utah Valley University in Orem on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018.
(This one) means quite a bit more than the others, because (my high school career) has come to an end. To go out on top is pretty cool. —Juab's Gentry Warner

OREM — There are some things that fit together perfectly in this world. Peanut butter and jelly. Rice and beans. Bacon and eggs. Holmans and wrestling.

While the last example is certainly not food-related, it is a well-known fact to fans of high school wrestling, particularly those from Delta.

After all, the Rabbits benefited significantly from the tenure of a Holman, legendary head coach Ladd Holman that is.

From 1985-1993, Holman’s wrestling program at Delta was nigh unbeatable, racking up nine consecutive state championships.

Saturday night at UVU’s UCCU center, he was inducted into the Utah High School Sports Associations Circle of Fame, the organizations highest honor.

Another title-winning wrestling coach by the name of Holman was also present Saturday night — Ladd’s son Joel.

And for the second year in a row, Joel’s Juab Wasps proved themselves the best that 3A wrestling has to offer, claiming the state title.

The Wasps finished with a team score of 304.0, 79.5 points higher than second-place Delta. Morgan finished in third place with a score of 171.0, while Union and Emery rounded out the top five with scores of 132.0 and 128.0, respectively.

Leading the way for Juab was three-time state champion Gentry Warner (132).

On day one of the state tournament, Warner proved himself too much for the competition, as he pinned both of his opponents. He did the same thing Saturday, securing the third title of his career.

“I came up short freshman year, but it just feels amazing to get three (state titles) at least,” said Warner. “(This one) means quite a bit more than the others, because (my high school career) has come to an end. To go out on top is pretty cool.”

The final bout of his Juab career came against Carbon’s Casey Shiner. At first, Shiner looked like he might have the edge against the champion.

As it turned out, that wasn’t the case.

It took Warner all of a minute and forty-four seconds to pin Shiner to the mat.

“I just tried to stay in good position and not give him anything that was a bailout,” said Warner. “I was willing to give up a takedown just so I wouldn’t go to my back. I just stayed out and tried to keep good position so I could finish the match.”

The title validated the hard work Warner had put in, work that was directed by his beloved coach.

“All the hard work that got put into it, and coach Holman just pushing me all the time really helped,” said Warner. “(Coach Holman) is one of my favorite people in the world. He is up there, tied with my dad, for being my hero. He’s an amazing man to look up to and who you want to be in life.”

Under the direction of Holman, four more Wasps took home an individual state title, including Conner Ingram (113), Cade Bowring (138), Joey Aagard (160) and Talon Mangelson (195).

Throw in second-place finisher Kalob Nybo (120) and third-place finishes by Tyler Lynn (145), Wyatt Harmon (152), Charles Watts (182), Jackson Schugk (220) and Jaxson Kendall (285), and Juab had 11 state placers.

That number proved the difference as second-place Delta finished with just seven state placers.

“Kids that weren’t expected to even place came through for us and finished high,” said Warner. “We had 12 kids place fourth or higher. That is amazing.”

Other notable state champions included Morgan’s Chase Trussell (220). Trussell claimed his third state title in dominant fashion, with a pin of South Summit Wildcat Gordon Hermansen.

Delta, new to the 3A classification, was led in its runner-up finish by state champs Tanner Shields (170) and Yair Moran (182).

Class 3A

Team scores

1. Juab 304.0; 2. Delta 224.5; 3. Morgan 171.0; 4. Union 132.0; 5. Emery 128.0; 6. South Summit 127.0; 7. South Sevier 124.0; 8. Carbon 97.5; 9. American Leadership Academy 87.0; 10. Richfield 66.0

Individual results

106 — Championship: Denim Torgerson (Richfield) 58-1, Fr., over Joseph Mecham (Morgan) 39-12, So. (Dec 5-2); 3. Carson Whitney, Grand; 4. Sage Mortimer, American Leadership Academy; 5. Dwain Farley, Emery; 6. Cash Canto, American Leadership Academy.

113 — Championship: Conner Ingram (Juab) 45-5, So., over Jayden Petersen (Delta) 30-9, So. (Dec 6-1); 3. Korby Christiansen, Emery; 4. Jayden Williams, South Summit; 5. Thomas Coates, Grantsville; 6. Bryce Judd, Carbon.

120 — Championship: Jarett Jorgensen (Morgan) 44-9, So., over Kalob Nybo (Juab) 40-11, Jr. (SV-1 16-14); 3. Tyler Dalton, Delta; 4. Bridger Green, Union; 5. William Haight, Summit Academy; 6. Drake Mangum, Emery.

126 — Championship: Quenton Mortimer (American Leadership Academy) 45-5, Jr., over Triston Fillmore (South Sevier) 47-8, So. (MD 11-3); 3. Chris Payne, Morgan; 4. Christian Nielson, Juab; 5. Kaden Gibson, Carbon; 6. Cael Rowley, Delta.

132 — Championship: Gentry Warner (Juab) 45-9, Sr., over Casey Shiner (Carbon) 30-13, Sr. (Fall 1:44); 3. Jed Lee, South Summit; 4. Bobby Blake, Carbon; 5. Isaac Ware, Morgan; 6. Kurtus Nielson, Delta.

138 — Championship: Cade Bowring (Juab) 45-9, So., over Cannon Fuellenbach (South Sevier) 50-9, Jr. (TF-1.5 6:00 (15-0)); 3. Kayden Robertson, Grand; 4. Bradley Judd, Carbon; 5. McCall Rose, South Summit; 6. Tate Willoughby, Delta.

145 — Championship: Jate Frost (Union) 43-8, Jr. over Dyllin Broughton (Delta) 24-6, Jr., (Dec 6-3); 3. Tyler Lynn, Juab; 4. Conner Fausett, Carbon; 5. McKay Meccariello, Emery; 6. Bo Bushell, South Summit.

152 — Championship: Antonio Nava (Morgan) 38-7, Sr., over Agustus Dalton (Emery) 45-7, Jr. (Dec 8-5); 3. Wyatt Harmon, Juab; 4. Jake Jackson, Delta; 5. Damon Mayfield, Manti; 6. Brock Brinkerhoff, Union.

160 — Championship: Joey Aagard (Juab) 46-5, Sr., over Lance Fowles (Manti) 44-3, Sr. (Dec 8-6); 3. Koby Johnson, Grantsville; 4. Justyn Mitchell, American Leadership Academy; 5. Haydn Porter, Delta; 6. Parker Brinkerhoff, Union.

170 — Championship: Tanner Shields (Delta) 43-1, Sr., over Grange Simpson (San Juan) 39-6, Sr. (TF-1.5 4:44 (19-4)); 3. Newt Oveson, Emery; 4. Blake Mangelson, Juab; 5. Wyatt Morrison, South Sevier; 6. Hayden Stuart, Morgan.

182 — Championship: Yair Moran (Delta) 45-7, Sr., over Keegan Eliason (North Sanpete) 45-7, Sr. (Dec 3-1); 3. Charles Watts, Juab; 4. Triton Abeyta, Carbon; 5. Daniel Howell, San Juan; 6. Richard Peck, American Leadership Academy.

195 — Championship: Talon Mangelson (Juab) 46-4, Sr., over Brandon Atkinson (Delta) 38-16, Sr. (Dec 5-2); 3. Brock Labrum, Union; 4. Brodie Stanton, South Sevier; 5. Talmage Brown, Summit Academy; 6. James Burton, American Leadership Academy.

220 — Championship: Chase Trussell (Morgan) 54-0, Sr., over Gordon Hermansen (South Summit) 35-9, Sr. (Fall 3:07); 3. Jackson Schugk, Juab; 4. Nolan Bullethead, Union; 5. Kemmer Jones, South Sevier; 6. Tysen Clark, Summit Academy.

285 — Championship: Porter Fox (South Summit) 41-3, Sr., over Bradden Davis (Delta) 33-8, Sr. (Dec 5-3); 3. Jaxson Kendall, Juab; 4. Maloni Lutui, Union; 5. Weston Stegelmeier, Morgan; 6. Drake Hoffman, Emery.

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