David Anderson, Richfield Reaper
Altamont High School senior Danny Thompson holds the state trophy as his teammates surround him Saturday night in Richfield.
It’s pretty nice when everyone on the team contributes. This turned out to be the most competitive division this year. —Altamont coach Steve Sanderson

RICHFIELD — The Altamont Longhorns took nothing for granted as they captured their first 2A state title Saturday at the Sevier Valley Center in Richfield.

“I didn’t know if we’d have enough horses to make a run at it,” said coach Steve Sanderson. “We were able to slip in there.”

Altamont scored 244 and edged out North Summit by four points.

Millard nabbed third place with 232.5, followed by North Sevier at 218.

Part of the key for the Longhorn victory was how wrestlers performed during the consolation matches. Altamont picked up four fourth place individual finishes, three third places, two fifth places and a sixth place.

The points scored in the lower brackets were vital, as North Summit and Millard continued to nip at Altamont’s slight edge throughout the entire day.

“It’s pretty nice when everyone on the team contributes,” Sanderson said. “This turned out to be the most competitive division this year.”

The Longhorns moved to 2A at the beginning of the school year, which meant a new mix of athletes for them to face off against through the season.

“We knew that we’d have some great opponents in the semifinals,” Sanderson said. “Our kids just work hard. They like to wrestle, and they spend a lot of time on the mat. That’s what makes this possible.”

Heading into the championship bouts, Altamont had just four wrestlers — two of whom had to face off against each other.

Senior Danny Thompson and sophomore Heston Murdock battled each other at the 152-pound weight class in their final match of the year. Thompson put a quick end to it, finishing his high school career with his second individual state title.

“It’s been good the have the competition in 2A,” Thompson said. “I couldn’t have made it this far without my coaches’ support.”

A season filled with tough tournaments helped prepare the Longhorns for what they’d face at state, Thompson said.

“I’m very happy for my team,” Thompson said. “I love wrestling; it’s a great sport. I think it’s the toughest sport on the planet.”

Altamont’s other individual champion was McKay Foy (145), a junior, who earned his third individual title Saturday night by pinning North Summit’s Tyler Scheum in the second round.

“It’s been good being able to work with kids that I look up to,” Foy said. “It’s a family we have with our team.”

Foy said the key to success all year has been due to a shared work ethic.

“We have a lot of hard workers on our team,” Foy said. “We also have the best coaches you could ever ask for.”

North Summit pulled ahead of Millard in the final rounds to take second place thanks in part to senior Eddie Rodriguez (285), who beat Altamont’s other man in the final bout of the night, freshman Mac Thacker.

“Wow, I never imagined this,” Rodriguez said. “I remember as a freshman getting my butt kicked, and now I’m here. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Class 2A Championships

At Sevier Valley Center

Team scores

1. Altamont, 244; 2. North Summit, 240; 3. Millard, 232.5; 4. North Sevier, 218; 5. Beaver, 170.5; 6. Duchesne, 163; 7. Gunnison, 130.5; 8. Enterprise, 110.

Individual results

106 — Championship: Avery Anderson, Gunnison, def. Jackson Prescott, North Summit, 6-3; 3. Caden Bird, Duchesne; 4. McCoy Norman, Beaver; 5. Hector Martinez, Millard; 6. Garrett Jensen, Gunnison.

113 — Championship: Brian Evans, Beaver, def. Jaxon Morlan, Duchesne, 7-5; 3. Hunter Webb, Altamont; 4. Easton Richins, Altamont; 5. Gavin McCowen, North Summit; 6. Brendon Maxwell, North Sevier.

120 — Championship: Van Bray, Millard, def. Colby Harper, Duchesne, 12-4; 3. John Evans, Beaver; 4. Tristan Farnsworth, Altamont, 2-0; 5. Ethan Clayburn, Duchesne; 6. Ren Taylor, Altamont.

126 — Championship: AJ Anderson, Enterprise, def. Cody Stubbs, Kanab, 4-2; 3. Brock Edwards, Beaver; 4. Ryker Pentz, North Summit; 5. Kelten Campbell, Altamont; 6. Spencer Sorensen, Millard.

132 — Championship: Gage Mason, North Sevier, def. Tayte Staples, North Summit, 9-0; 3. Hayden Anderson, Millard; 4. Dean Thompson, Altamont; 5. Bryton Langston, Beaver; 6. Connor Rowley, Duchesne.

138 — Championship: Keyan Staples, North Summit, def. Darion Bird, Duchesne, 8-6; 3. Shawn Sorensen, North Sevier; 4. Carson Sheets, Altamont; 5. Dustin Bistline, Kanab; 6. Eli Richins, North Summit.

145 — Championship: McKay Foy, Altamont, def. Tyler Scheurn, North Summit, fall 3:11; 3. Slade Sheriff, Millard; 4. Walker Burr, North Sevier; 5. Alex Holder, Gunnison; 6. Wyatt Alcala, Millard.

152 — Championship: Danny Thompson, Altamont, def. Heston Murdock, Altamont, fall 0:31; 3. Karson Brunson, North Sevier; 4. Gavin Stratton, Gunnison; 5. Daniel Garcia, Millard; 6. Josh Peterson, Enterprise.

160 — Championship: Taten Ringel, North Summit, def. John Whitaker, Millard, 17-2; 3. Wyatt Jessen, Altamont; 4. John Sims, Kanab; 5. Hayden Booth, Gunnison; 6. Benjamin Rowley, Enterprise.

170 — Championship: Jace Anderson, North Summit, def. Stockton Moat, Duchesne, 5-4; 3. Thomas Yardley, Gunnison; 4. Shayler Hunt, North Sevier; 5. Quinn Olsen, Enterprise; 6. Brenden Moody, Enterprise.

182 — Championship: John Kelly, Millard, def. Ryker Blackburn, Duchesne; 3. Mac Peterson, North Sevier; 4. Garrett Sessions, North Sevier; 5. Cash Robb, Altamont; 6. Karson Beacham, Beaver.

195 — Championship: Tyce Raddon, Beaver, def. Carson Teeples, Millard, 9-0; 3. Levi Noyes, North Sevier; 4. Kyle Fenn, Enterprise; 5. Wyatt Whitaker, Millard; 6. Dylan Barlett, Beaver.

220 — Championship: Calun Whitaker, Millard, def. Tanner Sorenson, North Sevier, 12-6; 3. Russell Mitchell, Altamont; 4. Kyler Boren, Beaver; 5. Dylan Kruger, North Summit; 6. Kolton Petersen, Gunnison.

285 — Championship: Eduardo Rodriguez, North Summit, def. Mac Thacker, Altamont, fall 2:25; 3. Angel Warino, Kanab; 4. Dayton Reed, North Sevier; 5. Christopher DeGraffenried, Millard; 6. Branson Honeycutt, North Sevier.