Wrestling is a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute you’re feeling really high, the next you’re feeling really low. —Altamont coach Steve Sanderson

RICHFIELD — Unlike some other divisions, the 2A wrestling championship is way too close to call after the first day of the state tournament in Richfield.

After several lead changes throughout the day, Altamont is holding a slight 2-point edge over North Sevier. However, the difference between fourth and first place is separated by only 14 points, as Millard and North Summit are also still in the hunt for a team title after Friday’s bouts.

“Wrestling is a rollercoaster of emotions,” said Altamont coach Steve Sanderson. “One minute you’re feeling really high, the next you’re feeling really low.”

Altamont is standing at 124 points, followed by North Sevier at 122, Millard at 118.5 and North Summit at 110.

One of the highlights for Altamont is McKay Foy (145), who pinned two opponents and punched his ticket to the semifinals Saturday along with 10 of his teammates.

Brothers Dean Thompson (138) and Danny Thompson (152) are also undefeated in the tournament headed into Saturday. Heston Murdock (152), Wyatt Jessen (160) and Russell Mitchell (220) also pinned opponents for the Longhorns.

“We have some really good kids,” Sanderson said. “We’ll see how we do.”

North Sevier led much of the day and is still within striking distance of Altamont.

“It was a good round for us,” said coach Barry Smith after the quarterfinals. “Most of our kids got through.”

The Wolves managed to get 10 men into the semifinals.

Branson Honeycutt (285) whipped two foes by fall for the Wolves, as did Levi Noyes (195), Garrett Sessions (182), Shayler Hunt (170), Walker Burr (145) and Shawn Sorenson (138).

“It’s going well,” Smith said. “We just hope to break in there somewhere.”

While there is a lot of pressure on the top half of the bracket, it appears every single match including consolation ones will be key to determining this year’s championship team.

“Sometimes it’s those kids that get in the lower bracket and don’t give up that make the difference,” said Jeremy Teeples, assistant coach for Millard.

The Eagles still have seven guys in contention in the top half of their respective brackets.

Van Bray (120) helped set the tone for Millard by pinning two men. Slade Sheriff (145) and John Whitaker (160) also dominated their opponents Friday to help boost Millard.

North Summit also continues to be in contention. The Braves have seven wrestlers who can still earn gold in the tournament.

Ryker Pentz (126), Tayte Staples (132), Kenyon Staples (138) and Taten Ringel (160) all earned the extra points for pinning their opposition during Friday’s matches.

Class 2A Championships

At Sevier Valley Center

Team scores

1. Altamont, 124; 2. North Sevier, 122; 3. Millard, 118.5; 4. North Summit, 110; 5. Beaver, 98; 6. Duchesne, 89; 7. Gunnison, 73.5; 8. Enterprise, 70.

Saturday’s semifinals

106 — Avery Anderson, Gunnison vs. Caden Bird, Duchesne; Jackson Prescott, North Summit vs. McCoy Norman, Beaver

113 — Brian Evans, Beaver vs. Easton Richins, Altamont; Jaxon Morlan, Duchesne vs. Hunter Webb, Altamont

120 — John Evans, Beaver vs. Colby Harper, Duchesne; Van Bray, Millard vs. Tristan Farnsworth, Altamont

126 — Brock Edwards, Beaver vs. Cody Stubbs, Kanab; Ryker Pentz, North Summit vs. AJ Anderson, Enterprise

132 — Dean Thompson, Altamont vs. Tayte Staples, North Summit; Hayden Anderson, Millard vs. Gage Mason, North Sevier

138 — Shawn Sorensen, North Sevier vs. Darion Bird, Duchesne; Keyan Staples, North Summit vs. Carson Sheets, Altamont

145 — McKay Foy, Altamont vs. Slade Sheriff, Millard; Tyler Scheurn, North Summit vs. Walker Burr, North Sevier

152 — Danny Thompson, Altamont vs. Karson Brunson, North Sevier; Heston Murdock, Altamont vs. Gavin Stratton, Gunnison

160 — Wyatt Jessen, Altamont vs. John Walker, Millard; Taten Ringel, North Summit vs. John Sims, Kanab

170 — Thomas Yardley, Gunnison vs. Jace Anderson, North Summit; Stockton Moat, Duchesne vs. Shayler Hunt, North Sevier

182 — Mac Peterson, North Sevier vs. Ryker Blackburn, Duchesne; Johnn Kelly, Millard vs. Garrett Sessions, North Sevier

195 — Tyce Raddon, Beaver vs. Kyle Fenn, Enterprise; Carson Teeples, Millard vs. Levi Noyes, North Sevier

220 — Tanner Sorenson, North Sevier vs. Russell Mitchell, Altamont; Calun Whitaker, Millard vs. Kyler Boren, Beaver

285 — Branson Honeycutt, North Sevier vs. Eduardo Rodriguez, North Summit; Christopher DeGraffenried, Millard vs. Mac Thacker, Altamont