Twitter video screenshot, via @dmacalaca

On Thursday afternoon, a Utah Jazz fan broke the news to his young daughter about Joe Johnson being traded to Sacramento as part of a three-team trade, and the 5-year-old took it hard.

An adult Jazz fan coming out of an anesthesia-aided surgery had a similar emotional reaction when his wife informed him of the deal β€” a transaction that also resulted in Rodney Hood being shipped to Cleveland in exchange for Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose.

Both reactions were captured on video.

"We are going to the Jazz game Friday," @kerdaddy told his daughter, who stopped dancing as he talked.

"Tomorrow?" she asked.

"I do have something to tell you."


"Joe Johnson does not play for the Utah Jazz anymore."

"Nooo." (The little girl's voice was sad and she put her hands on her face.)

"He got traded today."

At that time, an even younger girl yelled, "RUBIO!"

"Rubio is still on the team," the dad said, referring to point guard Ricky Rubio. His older daughter began crying as he repeated that Johnson had been traded. "But, guess what? He might play for the Warriors … so you might get to see him play on TV."

She continued to rub her eyes.

"I know, I'm sorry. Come here and give me a hug."

The tweet captured the attention of another Joe, who remains with the Jazz β€” Joe Ingles. The affable Australian small forward retweeted the video and wrote a thoughtful message: "Poor thing. DM @utahjazz & I will get her a jersey of choice ASAP!"

Don't be surprised if you see a beaming 5-year-old girl sporting a new No. 2 Ingles jersey Friday at Vivint Arena when the Jazz host the Charlotte Hornets.

Jazz fan Darren Muir also had a teary reaction to the trade when he was informed while coming out of anesthesia following a surgery.

"Note to self: Never going under anesthesia during the NBA trade deadline," Muir wrote in his tweet with the humorous video of his reaction. "#expertanalysis #derrickrosesucks #nbatradedeadline"

"I can’t believe we trade Rodney Hood for Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose," he whimpered to his wife, who fortunately captured the funny analysis on video. "Derrick Rose sucks."

"We’re waiving Derrick Rose," his wife said, repeating what was reported by multiple outlets. "Derrick Rose, he’s not going to play on the Jazz."

"Good," Muir answered. "Because he’s no good. If it was 2012, I would be happy."

"Jae Crowder is good," she replied.

Muir was relieved when she informed him that was the only trade the Jazz made.

No word yet if Ingles is going to offer to cheer him up.