The Utah Jazz's involvement in a three-way trade was met with mixed emotions and reactions by fans of the organization who've grown fond of shooting guard Rodney Hood and forward Joe Johnson.

The majority of posts in regard to those two fall along the lines of: "Sorry to see you go, Joe" and "It's been good, Hood."

The Jazz traded Hood to Cleveland and Johnson to Sacramento and received small forward Jae Crowder and point guard Derrick Rose as part of a three-way deal, according to multiple reports. Former Utah point guard George Hill is headed to the Cavs as part of the swap, which also includes various other minor details.

The crazy period leading up to the NBA's 1 p.m. MST trade deadline also saw the Cavs send Dwyane Wade back to Miami and Isaiah Thomas to the Los Angeles Lakers, according to multiple reports.

Twitter didn't disappoint with a deluge of responses on the wild day:

On Rodney Hood and Joe Johnson leaving Utah:

A fun photo Hood's mom took of 10-year-old Rodney when they happened upon his childhood hero, Johnson, in New Orleans:

Much love:

Oh, Joe!

Hood saved one of his best games for the end of his Jazz tenure:

Some sadness:

Some good contract news:

Not everyone is happy:

On Jae Crowder heading to Utah:

Fun story about Crowder, son of former Jazzman Corey Crowder, getting his old man’s shoes from the Jazz:

On Rose's short stay with the Jazz (expected to be bought out):

Fans and media really went to town on Cavs blowing up their roster around LeBron James:

And Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell weighs in (sorta):

Mitchell tweeted this shortly after the Isaiah Thomas-to-Lakers news broke (or after watching another Joe Ingles dunk highlight video):