Olympus continues to dominate this season and remains undefeated after beating East 87-66 during Friday night's matchup.

This game was all Olympus, whether it was the turnovers it forced or all the back-to-back baskets throughout the game. East had no answer to Olympus’ high-powered offense and struggled with turnovers and fouls.

During the first quarter, both teams matched up pretty well and kept things relatively close, although East struggled at keeping up with Olympus’ fast-pace offense (and would continue to struggle with throughout the game).

The second quarter was a different story. Olympus started to run away with the game, and a big part of that was because of Jeremey Dowdel. Dowdel was on fire and managed to score double digits during the quarter. Olympus made numerous 3-pointers during the quarter and at one point managed to go on a 10-0 run. East continued to struggle offensively and defensively and heavily relied on Mikey Frazier for both offense and defense.

The second half was no different than the first. Olympus dominated the paint and scored a majority of its points in the paint. East continued struggling defensively and had no solution to all of the threes being made by Olympus during the third quarter. Frazier continued to play well for East, but that didn’t help as Olympus kept a more than 20-point lead throughout the third quarter.

East did a little better during the fourth quarter and outscored Olympus then, but once again turnovers and foul trouble kept bothering it. East did cut down the score significantly after being down as much as 30 points, to put the final score at 87-66

Olympus had four players in double figures and was led by Harrison Creer with 27 points. East had three players in double figures and was led by Frazier with 20 points.

Olympus will be back at home on Tuesday to play Skyline, and East plays at West on Tuesday.