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A father of four took over bath time and a wall of bubbles transpired.
When Dad Takes Over Bath Time 🤣 🤯

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Posted by Good Husband Movement - LoveTap on Monday, January 15, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY — When bath time gets tough, make bubbles. That is what one dad did for his four kids when he supervised bath time. The video was posted on Facebook by the Good Husband Movement.

"Sometimes being a good husband means simply being a good dad," read the caption on Facebook. "Give your wife a break and take over bath time now and then."

In the video is a massive tower of bubbles reaching to the ceiling. Inside that wall of bubbles are two little heads with huge smiles on their faces. Two younger children look on in curiosity and wonder as the dad, Bryce Nelson, films the whole bathtub scene.

"With four kids under seven years old, I need to come up with creative ways to keep everybody entertained, (particularly the two-year-old twins,)" Nelson told FOX 13 News in Tampa, Florida. "Filling our bathroom with bubbles was an accident, but it was definitely worth the mess!"

Check out this bubble bath of laughs here.

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