Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

The minute Mitt Romney announces his run for Senate most people will consider his election a done deal. And rightfully so — you may disagree on a few of his positions, but he is a good man, knows how to run an organization with honesty and ethics and is a true servant-leader. Here's where he should make a difference with his run for office. He should run as an Independent.

We need a shot in the arm in this country to dispel some of the cynicism and the feeling that votes don't matter. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party have a stranglehold duopoly on politics and candidates that is unhealthy. Just ask the people around you if they feel like their vote matters or what they think of politics. The millennial generation, in particular, wants nothing to do with either political party. And I don't blame them; they both put forth terrible presidential candidates in 2016.

People need to be reminded to think for themselves, to judge candidates for office on their character and ability to defend the Constitution. I hope Romney runs for Senate, and I know he will serve Utah well. My hope is that his run for office can serve a great purpose as well and provide a positive shift in the minds of Americans by running as an Independent.

Calene Van Noy