Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Since 2006, we in Massachusetts have been living under the massive tax load and government-knows-better-than-you nuisance known as Romneycare. It is the precursor and model for Obamacare. You need only be familiar with the MIT-inspired details of Obamacare to appreciate the Orwellian nature of Romneycare: Keep your current insurance if you like it, but not; keep your doctor, but not; buy catastrophic coverage if you like, but not — all the same familiar refrains.

Now that Orrin Hatch is bowing out and Mitt Romney is attempting to bow in, heed this warning based on years of experience: Find someone else. Romney may attempt to wear the mantle of a small-government, low-tax and strong-and-secure America Republican. He is the opposite in all respects.

James Wish

Medway, Massachusetts