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Letter to the Editor

While the author of a recent letter that attacked capitalism had a few valid points, I disagree vehemently with her conclusion that capitalism is "intrinsically flawed," implying it is even evil ("Capitalism has become our national religion," Dec. 28).

Someone once said capitalism is the worst economic system, except for all the others. Yes, there are many faults in capitalism, but because of the freedoms inherent in our system, we do still have a system of checks and balances. The author is very cynical to think every politician is corrupt because only 20 percent of the population votes. That is not the fault of the system, but of ourselves. People tend not to get as involved until they are very concerned.

I don't know anyone who "worships billionaires," as she claims our whole society does. I would illustrate my view of the difference between capitalism and socialism to the story of two brothers. One worked hard in school, got a scholarship to college, worked long hours in his profession and prospered. The other fooled around, didn't get passing grades, was fired from jobs for not coming on time and not doing the work he promised. He then went to his brother and told him it wasn't fair that the other brother had so much when he had so little. Socialism has less motivation to work hard because the expectation is that the government will take care of you.

China began to prosper only when it began to allow the people to get the rewards of their hard work. Yes, there are faults in our system of free enterprise, but there are greater faults in every other system. In addition, we are the most generous nation on earth, responding to every crisis with open hands and hearts, individually and as a government. We can only do that because we are prosperous, and we are prosperous because of our system of free enterprise.

Evelyn Scott