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The Houston LDS Temple, damaged last fall by flooding, will likely reopen this spring.

SALT LAKE CITY — Last August, Hurricane Harvey floodwaters flowed into the Houston Texas LDS Temple, causing damage that has closed its doors for several months.

It appears the Houston Temple will reopen in the spring, the Houston Chronicle reported.

"It expects to reopen in the spring, although a date hasn't been set," the article said.

"Work is progressing on the repairs and renovations, LDS Church spokesman Daniel Woodruff said in the article.

Several inches of water flowed into the temple, causing damage to the baptistry, a marriage waiting room, dressing rooms, kitchen and laundry, and water breached the adjoining building, Houston Temple President Marshall Hayes said last fall.

Images of the sacred white edifice surrounded by rising water, with people floating by in canoes or kayaks, made the rounds on social media during the flooding.

On Oct. 30, the LDS Church's First Presidency announced the short-term closure of the Houston Temple, and targeted the spring for a "simple rededication," with no public open house or cultural celebration, the LDS Church News reported.